COM0014 Blog #4 – B2C with Wendy’s.

Wendy’s logo from Wikipedia

So let’s do a mini case study on Wendy’s social media approach. Specifically their infamous Twitter account.

Wendy’s is known to have a quick wit and strong sense of humour on their Social media platforms. Their sassy approach and constant use of trends helps them maintain popularity with both millennials and Gen Z.
The endless antics on Wendy’s Twitter accounts even include making fun of other fast food brands. They can even be a bit flirtatious at times.

Wendy’s Twitter personality is strong, distinct, youthful, and fun. It draws in attention.

Their Twitter has also proven to be very quick at responding to customers with complaints as well as encouraging user interaction by promising to donate to charity if a specific tweet gets a specific amount of retweets. And that tactic of asking for retweets with a promise of an indirect award has worked for them.

Wendy’s has the same personality and presence on other platforms such Facebook and Instagram. While those accounts do well, their unique sassy personality seems to shine most and serve them best on Twitter.

All in all, I would say that Wendy’s has a fairly good and very effective social media approach. After all, most people know about their witty remarks on Twitter.

What do you think of Wendy’s approach to social media?

Would you want more companies taking on distinct personalities like Wendy’s has?

As a consumer, do you like their approach or do you prefer the more emotionally sterile and detached approach of other companies?

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