COM0014 Blog #2 – The Storytelling Den.

Adventure begins by estellium on DeviantArt

Oh! Why hello there, my lovely~

You took me by surprise but I guess you’re wondering why you are here. To be honest, I don’t really know. But why don’t you pull up a cozy little chair and we can have a nice chat about storytelling.

Specifically the elements of good storytelling. Now I could drone on and on about the history of it. It’s various forms and uses. But that’s boring. You don’t want that. You’ll just fall asleep.

What you want is the juicy bits that will help you improve your own storytelling, riiiiiiight?
Of course you do.

Hands down, the most important thing is capturing someone’s attention. The second is keeping it.
The tone you set, fun, mysterious, playful, sultry, tense… Whatever tone you go with needs to be STRONG! It should put your reader in the right mood to keep listening (or reading). It should be something that drives them crazy to know more. To send your readers with a thirst for more.

But how do you set the tone? How do you take the reins and control the pace?
You could talk in third person, or first. You can play around with the language. There are set grammar rules, but when has playing by the rules ever been fun? Break ‘em! Put your own flavour in the text.
Play around with the words on the page and give them colour. Give them pizzazz~
Mould the words like clay, until the only way to read them is the way you intended.
draaaaaaaaw words out or cut them short-

Ultimately, the content of your story can be anything. But the only way to give your story the attention it deserves is to become the god that breathes life into it and then send it out into the world like a charismatic, golden child.

We are all taught how to write a story with a beginning, middle, and end. But no one ever teaches the Importance of giving story a personality of it’s own.
So, what personality will your next story have?

estellium. (May 2016). Adventure begins [online, digital image]. DeviantArt.

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