COM0015 – Blog 1: Social Media Trends and News Sources

Social media trends

There are two ways in which I keep track of social media trends. First, I am subscribed to daily newsletters from Social Media Today, SocialBakers Blog, Hootsuite Blog, and Influencer Marketing Hub. Newsletters from these platforms go directly to a dedicated folder in my email inbox. I look at these newsletters daily to get a sense of major developments around social platform updates, social media marketing, digital marketing, etc.

On a typical work day, when I am glued to a computer screen, receiving a newsletter via email is the best way to make sure I pay attention to it. Source: Giphy

Second, I use LinkedIn and Twitter search functionality to find content that contains keywords and hashtags of interest to me. This allows me to track what various thought leaders and influencers think about where the world of social media is moving.

I use these particular listening and monitoring tools because they provide a good coverage of the topics that I am interested in. I use insights I get through these tools to develop and tweak social media plans and content. I also use these insights to learn about what is happening in the social media world beyond my area of expertise.

News and updates sources

I use Google Alerts to stay abreast of news and updates of interest. I currently receive daily alerts for 18 keywords, and I change these keywords quite often.

I also use Flipboard, a free news aggregator, that fetches news from all the websites I follow and organizes them into “magazines” for my convenience.

Google Alerts and Flipboard help me stay up-to-date with news and updates of personal and professional interest. GIF source: @rjblomberg on Giphy.

I prefer Google Alerts and Flipboard to other tools because they are easy to use, reliable and free. They help me stay up-to-date with major developments that are important for the organization I work for and for my personal professional development.

And what tools do you use to track social media trends or news of interest? Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog 1: Social Media Trends and News Sources

  1. Hi Alexander. Great post! I also love using Twitter. Although sometimes it can have it’s fair share of inaccuracies, so far I have found that it has proven itself incredibly useful to me when keep track of current events and news. Plus, its quick and simple to navigate and use.

  2. Awesome post, Alexandre! Great use of GIFs. Wow, if you’ve subscribed to that many blogs and are keeping up such a good research routine, you must really be in the know! I should look into setting up some of these newsletter subscriptions as well. Having that information come directly to me instead of entirely hunting for it on my own would help me stay much more on top of trends. Thanks for the tip!
    I really enjoy using Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about what thought leaders are doing in my industry–I recently discovered that lots of thought leaders are making short informational videos on TikTok as well, which has been super useful. I follow a lot of social media managers and I find that the quick tips in video format help keep my attention and provide updates in a very fun and sometimes hilarious way! I find the younger generation thought leaders aren’t really using LinkedIn and Twitter, which is interesting. They tend to use TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and provide tips in more of a media format than written, which puts more pressure on us to research hashtags across all platforms. Ah well, it’s all for the best.
    I haven’t heard of Flipboard before! I honestly find RSS feeds really confusing, but I’m not sure why, as they’ve been pretty heavily covered in Algonquin Social Media courses. I just find it frustrating choosing a free platform to implement Google Alerts into. Something I’ll have to do more research on. Maybe Flipboard will be a good solution for me!

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