COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

Through the duration of the Digital Communications course I have learned a lot about how to communicate and how to tell an emotional, effective story. How the importance of storytelling and what style of approach you deliver is extremely important.

            Being a good storyteller is a priceless skill to have when you’re in marketing. Drawing potential customers in and having an impactful delivery is key to selling your product or pushing your cause. It is said that people decide whether they’re interested in a story in the first seven seconds, and when telling people your story, first impressions are everything. Hook people early and make them want to stay and listen. If you don’t deliver the story properly or if you give the wrong impression because you’ve used the wrong communication style, then all your efforts have been wasted and it’s back to the drawing board.

            Content I create from here on will revolve around relating to people. Telling people either my person experiences or using my personal experiences to make relatable content. I find when you speak from your life, people resonate with your story more, because it isn’t a fabricated story to sell a product. When people see a mirror or hear an experience that they have experienced, they will listen and have the attachment.

            I intend to tell stories that will make people happy and feel good. There is a gargantuan amount of negativity in the world and I hope to tell stories to make people forget about all that, even if only for a couple minutes. People need to have hope that tomorrow will be better.

I have enjoyed my time taking the “Digital Communications” course, and I am excited about the next chapter.

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