From Strangers to Super Friends

Being a musician in the music industry has given me more opportunities than I can count. In terms of meeting new people, seeing new places, and discovering new cultures. Although sometimes challenging, if I had to do it over again, I would.

 One of the greatest aspects about the music industry is the live show portion, and with that portion comes something greater, meeting new fans. In the music industry our fans are our customers, and you won’t get many by being emotionless and unwilling to know them as people instead of just wallets.

My favorite story involves one of our “Superfans” Lesley, who lives in Sudbury. In March of 2019 after playing a show in Sudbury, before packing up I had a beer and talked with many people who stayed after the show. Lucky enough for me Lesley was one of the people I met and had the pleasure of talking to. However, after talking for a solid 40 minutes we unfortunately had to leave as we had to travel to our next stop and since we had no place to stay, the van was our hotel room. A 2001 Chevrolet Astro van is not the most upscale sleeping arrangement, I promise you. Since we had such a wonderful time in Sudbury, we knew we’d be back soon.

In June 2019 we made our way back to Sudbury on a weekend tour that to this day, is still my favorite tour. We had regular conversations with Lesley in the months apart and I had texted her when we left our prior stop which was North bay. She offered to make us lunch, but we unfortunately had just eaten. She had another offer though, free passes to Science North, which in my opinion is better than the Toronto Science Centre. This was the first time we had seen and hung out with Lesley since March. We spent about 4 hours exploring and playing with all the experiments the facility had to offer. We were lucky the building was essentially empty otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we had. Playing on the anti-gravity machine, to competing in physical strengths with each other, it was a lot of fun.

Never had I thought that a random person who I met at a show, who then turned into a fan, would then become a good friend. The trip to the science center solidified our friendship and we have had many adventures since.

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