Get more organized with Pinterest

Like most people, I have been working from home for the past few months because of the pandemic. This made me realize how my home office should be way more organized! While trying to think of different ways to improve it, I turned to Pinterest to find the best home office organization tips and tricks.

Pinterest is a great application to find DIY project ideas easily. I love using this platform because you can find great ideas by simply entering a key word in the search box, or by clicking on a specific category.

“People use Pinterest to search for ideas and plan for special events. Some 95% of members say Pinterest inspires them, and 91% say Pinterest helps them achieve their goals.” – Katie Sehl, Hootsuite

The application not only allows you to save your project ideas for later, it also allows you to organize them the way you want, which makes it easier for you to find them when you need them (this is especially useful if you are like me, and end up having more than 500 ideas saved!).

DIY projects to organize your home office

Since most of you are probably stuck at home, just like me, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite diy projects that I found on Pinterest that can help you organize your home office, so that you never have to look for your pen again!

  1. DIY Drawer Dividers for Desk Organizing by Cami the Crafting Nook

2. 25 pegboard inspirations to organize your office by Joy Kelley from HowJoyful

3. 15 Ways to Organize Paper Clutter by Craftsy Hacks

Whether you’re studying or working from home, I hope that you found something in there that could help you organize your home office.

Found great DIY projects lately?

If you are a fan of Pinterest just like me, I would love if you could share with me some of your favorite diy project ideas that you found. You can add them in the comments down below.


Working from home? I decided to share with you some of my favorite home office organization ideas that I found on Pinterest. Go read my blog to find out more:


Looking for #homeofficeorganization ideas? It’s amazing what you can find on #Pinterest! Read my blog to find out more:

6 thoughts on “Get more organized with Pinterest

  1. Ohh I fell down a Pinterest hole last week, I had no idea family command centers were a thing, I was looking for some inspiration for a message board in our kitchen and an hour later I was still scrolling. That app is a black hole for my time! At least with Pinterest I’m getting useful ideas, unlike my mindless scrolling that often happens with Reddit or Facebook. I’m probably going to be looking through the links you provided for office organization, thanks!

    • I am glad to know that I am not the only one who ends up spending so much time on Pinterest! haha! Like you said, at least we are able to find useful ideas!

  2. Oh, I am absolutely a Pinterest fan! I use the website to find recipes for about three nights of the week haha. It’s such an amazing tool to use! I haven’t looked into the organization tips and diy’s, but that might be the next place I go!

  3. Interesting learning a little bit about Pinterest! I know it’s been around for a long time but I’ve never used it before. Sounds like a creative platform! I’ll make sure to try it out and see what’s it’s all about.

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