“Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Eighty some odd days into COVID quarantine our canine has had it. Keeping track of everyone’s comings and goings; protecting a full house and a 24/7 property watch for feline predators, is exhausting. Household changes have muddled her once stable routines. Yet, I have a sneaking suspicion the endless lavish cuddles and a bottomless cookie jar have kept her sane.

In return, she has kept us sane.

I took this picture the other day, and realized our dog continuously offers relief to our COVID blues. As boredom persists, our dog Rosie, has become the target of affectionate teen amusement. With a comic twist and a little help she has learned to dance, sing, sulk, smile and model our favorite sport gear. 

It has become common practice for us to speak for our dog using a “weird baby talk” tone. I suppose this is the voice we presume Rosie would possess could she talk.

Would you believe me if I told you our dog can talk? 

“My Talking Pet” app “lets your pets do the talking”. This lighthearted app will bring you joy and laughter.  Watching your pet perform a rendition of the latest rap craze, a joke or a Trump monologue is sure to make you giggle. Simply upload your pet’s picture, record a voice and voila. In no time you will be sharing your pet’s performances on your favorite media platform.

Our dog’s rendition of “Bad to the Bone” and “Who let the Dogs Out” have revealed she is an unlikely understudy for Disney’s latest pick. However, world wide fame is no match for the attention she gains being the star celebrity in her local gig.

This app is loaded with prompts. Using the prompts, your pet can be transformed into any personality. After watching the movie “Rocky”… well you can imagine the effect this had on our dog’s voice and character! 

Social media has made it trendy to extend  birthday and milestone wishes from your pet. If you are looking for a break from the mundane, give this app a try.

Many people have a strong connection with their pet. Chances are, at one time or another your profile sported your pet’s picture. If your pet is basking in your profile spotlight,  Petzbe, is the perfect social media platform for you.

Image source

This platform gives pet lovers a chance to share pet stories via pet perspective.  Petzbe offers pet owners an unconditional community where they can show off their savvy companion without ridicule from those who don’t share the same sentiment. 

“Petzbe provides the social and psychological benefits of belonging to a community that’s funny, positive, genuine and supportive of pet posts. There’s no room to be judgmental or cynical, as being the friendly animal lover you are is what matters in our community – nothing else.” (Adopt me Please – Kansas City Adoptable Dogs at Protective Animal Welfare Society, 2020)

Image source

Petzbe gives your pet an independent social media presence. Move over, “likes” and follows”; pets prefer “licks” and “sniffs”. “Users BEWARE”, this site is strictly pet friendly, “OWNERS ARE PROHIBITED”! 

If your pet thinks it can outdo “Gidget”, Petzbe, is the place to be seen. There are plenty of “pet influencers” looking to match your companion with a corporate brand. If your pet is receiving plenty of “licks” and “sniffs” it might be the next brand engagement celeb.

Image source

Exposing the voice of animals in shelters and rescue centers raises social awareness and thus support. Animal adoptees longing for human companionship are able to capture global hearts and potential forever homes world wide.

Image source

My friend embarked on a journey that would take him thousands of miles from home. After completing several legalities this trip was the final step uniting him with his rescue pet. This union continues today and is a heartfelt story for both. Social media is given full credit for making this union possible.

Social media gives all animals a voice to advocate for themselves. While posts of animal affection can go viral within seconds, so can animal cruelty. Those with a cause to protect animal rights can join global animal protection movements through social media.

Social media has allowed us to open the door into animal kingdoms. “Pre”- social media, these doors were closed to most of society. Today, we can all peer into the habitats of both domesticated and wild animals. Educators world wide can use social media as a tool to teach animal reproduction, extinction, human interference; the list is endless.

Social media gives a voice to all those vulnerable. Without it, this voice is remote if not silent.

I wonder what, our dog Rosie, would say if she could really talk.

“Who let the Dogs out?” Social media “let the dogs out”!

Image source


Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography by Jennifer Starr. 2020. Adopt Me Please – Kansas City Adoptable Dogs At Protective Animal Welfare Society. [online] Available at: <http://www.fixyourimages.com/adopt-me-please-kansas-city-adoptable-dogs-at-protective-animal-welfare-society-2/&gt; [Accessed 18 June 2020].

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholetthedogsout/ https://bit.ly/3ewL7QQ

Twitter: Social Media gives animals a voice https://bit.ly/3ewL7QQ

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7 thoughts on ““Who Let The Dogs Out?”

  1. What a great app! Lighthearted and fun and yet it has an underlying social consciousness. I hope it helps lots of animals find their forever home! Thanks for introducing this app to us, I’ll check it out!

  2. I am definitely guilty of trying the “My Talking Pet” app. I can’t imagine what it would be like for my husband and I if we did not have a dog during this pandemic. Our puppy definitely provides a lot of comfort.

  3. Overall I enjoyed reading your post. It was light hearted and funny and you added an awareness component for shelters and adopting animals which I am a huge fan of. My husband and I have voices for all 3 of our dogs, which keeps up very entertained on those boring or gloomy days.
    I do wish though that your transitions into the different subjects was a little smoother from talking about your fur baby, to the apps that gave you laughter and fun, to talking about a more series topic.

    Thank you for the post and the new apps to try out

    Nikita Johnson

  4. This was a fun post to read and I really enjoyed it thank you! Our Labradoodle is the Little Prince of our household and he has definitely loved the fact that we are now home all the time. I’ll be checking out that app for sure!

  5. Kathy,
    Thank you for this post – as a dog owner, I can definitely agree that Noodles has kept me sane and active throughout the pandemic and isolation too. I just downloaded the app, and I’m looking forward to trying it out with Noodles!

  6. That was a great blog I am a dog owner I own six dogs in my life time five Huskies and our current dog Teddy is a Shiba Inu. I enjoy going for walks with our dog Teddy four times a day during the time back in march when covid-19 started and when gyms and other physical fitness activities have been closed.

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