The Growth of the Flat Earth Society

There has been unanimous acceptance to the fact the world is a globe and people who thought otherwise were simply ignored or seen as delusional. However, in the last two decades the idea has been gaining constant traction, and that is all thanks to social media providing a platform in which in to speak.

            For hundreds if not thousands of years now, the Earth has been known to be a globe. There have always been speculators, but they were never taken seriously, especially not in the science community. With the help of social media the Flat Earth Society has grown support for their cause exponentially; having been a society since the early 1800’s and having lost most of it’s members and interest by the late 1990’s, it looked as though this society was done. In 2004 they decided to take their efforts online and create a website, and since then membership and support behind the idea has grown tenfold.

            From 2014 till 2018 I couldn’t go a week without hearing something about flat earth, whether that be on the news, YouTube, Facebook, or physical media. The conversation involved millions, with hundreds of videos on YouTube alone expressing their support for the group. The big question is, why is there such a resurgence behind an idea that has been scientifically proven to not be true? Honestly, I don’t think there is a simple answer to that question. There is a variety of ways for people to come to this “realization” we’ll call it. Without social media it is almost impossible to find like minded people without an outburst of scrutiny. With the help of social media though, people who believe in flat earth can talk to like minded all over the world from the comfort of their house. No scrutiny, no threats on their intelligence, only support for each other.

            The Flat Earth Society web site has forums for people to have conversations, on Facebook the official page has accumulated 212,000 likes along with many other pages, and groups on Facebook alone, those numbers are hundreds of thousands larger than the official page. On YouTube there are hundreds of videos discussing, and even some that claim to prove it’s flat. These videos over the years have procured hundreds of millions of views and countless arguments in the comment section. It is clear to see that thanks to social media, this conversation will not being going away anytime soon.

            My personal opinion on the matter is, I know the Earth is round, science has proved so. However, I think the fact people believe NASA and every country on Earth have conspired together to lie to them is a deeper underlying issue. The issue of people not having trust in their government, and this topic alone you can see the disconnect in the rawest form. It shows there has been some sort of trust that has been broken along the way. However, for those who believe the Earth is flat, we shouldn’t belittle them, we should sit down and have conversations, and listen to their reasonings behind their beliefs, because the worst way to educate someone is to scream it in their face. That will only cause discontent and the unwillingness to learn.

            My questions to you are, what do you think? Is the Earth flat or is it round? Would the Flat Earth Society have dissolved if not for social media? For those who believe it is flat, please provide some links for access in the comments so I can further understand.

Social Media; Assisting Flat Earth Argument?

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7 thoughts on “The Growth of the Flat Earth Society

  1. It is just crazy sometimes to believe that people actually think this is factual. The Earth is not flat just because maps are, and just because those individuals do not understand gravitational pull or physics of any kind. SMH lol

    Well written piece ED!

    • It certainly is something I didn’t think we’d be discussing in this day and age! But it’s unfortunate for beings to throw solid science in the trash simply because they don’t believe it. I’m hoping this is a discussion that will dissolve in the next decade.

      Thank you!

  2. Great post! I can say that I have come across and watched a YouTube video or two about the flat earth theory. Not because I believe it to be true but I am always interested in the psychology behind the person who believes theories like this. A lot of it is definitely routed with a lack of trust in other people and our governments.

    • Thank you! I have watched far too many videos on this, and not because I believe in it either. A good documentary I watched on Netflix a couple of years ago called “Behind The Curve” explains their points of view and show them trying scientific experiments to prove their point. It’s quite interesting and I would suggest if you have 90 minutes to give it a watch.

  3. The Flat Earth theory is infuriating and I simply refused to indulge these people by giving them the views or reading into this insanity. That being said I appreciate your blog post it is a nice summary of this movement! It is also my belief that all conspiracy theories should be addressed more often in order to break down all their problems to cut off the spread of them to the best of our abilities.

  4. Great read. I have a friend thats a flat earther and he’s hilarious, i cant hate on him for his beliefs though

  5. Oh boy, I already left my 2 comments, so this is a third for fun! I touch on this in my latest post but only briefly. We are living in an age where people are not believing actual science. It’s painful! I actually couldn’t believe it the first time I heard someone talk about this. I feel sometimes that society is regressing because of groups like these!

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