COM0014-Blog #5: My Personal Brand

For slightly over six years now I have been in a couple of bands, playing mostly in Canada and a little in the United States. I love that I have this opportunity to pursue my dream of being a professional musician. I am meeting new people constantly and have developed friendships all over the world. Over these six years however I was building my personal brand. In the beginning it was accidental, but I am known in the music community under two alias’, those are; “The Happy Drummer”, and “Dipps”. The nickname “The Happy Drummer” came almost instantaneously as I had stage fright at my first show and when we started playing, to calm myself down I started smiling and making stupid faces. I can thank a healthy mixture of anxiety and adrenaline for that reaction because it worked. Although we only played a couple of songs, people loved my energy, telling me that they’d never seen a drummer so ecstatic to be on stage, and I loved their reaction. It was completely natural and that’s why it worked so well for me.

I’ve played about 300 shows at the point of writing this, and “The Happy Drummer” nickname has followed me all over. Promoters have advertised my band’s by saying; “Come see the happiest drummer in the world!”. What makes me stand out compared to most drummers is; that I don’t look bored on stage. At a punk show you need to have energy, I feed off the crowd’s energy and the crowd feeds off mine. Most drummers, however, sit there with a straight face, looking like they’re not enjoying what they’re playing.

The nickname “Dipps” happened more recently because, I talk about my love for breakfast foods non-stop. On top of that I also have a shirt that says” I (heart) Dippy Eggs” in big letters right on the front of it. After wearing that shirt to many shows without realizing it, I acquired the nickname. I have since used that nickname to start a breakfast themed brand/charity called “Dippy”. The goal of “Dippy” is to sell clothing merchandise such as; t-shirts, sweaters, etc. and donate half of the revenue to local food-banks in my area. The reason for choosing food-banks being; that growing up my family needed help from the food-banks every so often, and I want to give back as much as I can as those have helped me so graciously in the past. This will help me to stand out because, everyone loves breakfast foods, and I want to share my love of breakfast and helping others, all while wearing a huge smile on my face.

The following video is but a minor taste of how the shows I put on feel:

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