Inspiration for Your Instagram Theme

I’ve always been fascinated by Instagram feeds that follow a specific theme. It’s visually appealing and I find that it helps capture the viewer’s attention.

“Instagram has proven to be an effective tool for getting people’s attention and spreading the message you want to spread, but with increased users comes increased competition.” – Jens Wirdenius, Webdesigner Depot

Of course, finding a theme is not always easy and making sure that all your pictures follow that same theme can be even harder. However, it’s really beneficial if you want to stand out from the crowd and drive attention.

Start Brainstorming

First, you should start by thinking about what defines you and what would better reflect your personality. Maybe write some key words down and start thinking about what your Instagram feed could look like. You can even ask a friend for help or get some inspiration from the way you decorate your room and the colors that you really like.

Get inspired

To help you start the process of finding your theme, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Instagram feeds. I hope they will bring you inspiration.

The first one is Jillian Harris’ Instagram account. The pictures are always so bright and beautiful. Usually there is a white background and then a bright color. It really makes you focus on a specific item.

Source: Instagram, jillian.harris

My second favorite one is Trois fois par jour‘s Instagram account. Again, a lot of white with some nice and bright colors (you can probably guess that my theme would probably be bright and white with a pop of color! haha!).

Source: Instagram, troisfoisparjour

Have fun!

Once you’ve found your theme, then it’s time to have fun with it! Take pictures, edit them and make sure that they all fit together nicely.

Do you have any Instagram feeds that you find visually appealing? I would love if you could share them with me!


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2 thoughts on “Inspiration for Your Instagram Theme

  1. Great piece, it got me thinking of what I found visually appealing on the pages I follow. I came to the conclusion that the pages I follow and really like tend to have “real” photos. I say “real” because I understand that their was thought that went into the photos, potentially somewhat stage and slightly edited but it is not overdone. The images presented look and feel real and honest. I like to follow local makes like @artizenkombucha and @ktinspiredhome

  2. i really enjoy how some accounts Like the official EXO account will use multiple posts to create one large image. It can look a little odd if you are just scrolling through your feed but the effect is really cool when you look at the account’s page.
    EXO are doing this right now on their account to promote Baekhyun’s new mini album ‘Delight’.

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