COM0014-Blog #4: Drumeo Case Study

It is hard to run a business that involves teaching others the drums, especially when so many of your lessons are free online. Drumeo, through years of trial and error have nearly perfected how they run their business, and how they stay connected and involved with their customers, and communities.

Drumeo draws in people’s interest by providing free videos and lessons on their YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook, showing potential consumers what they offer. They don’t push their products on those videos either, it is up to the consumer to take the initiative and find out what Drumeo offers themselves. The way they draw people in is by offering: Free online video drum lessons, having a podcast where their guests are drummers of all sizes, and by having a Drumeo festival; a two-day festival including drummers from around the world.

One area they need to improve upon is that they don’t really have any fan interaction on their social media sites. However, when you buy their product there is an immense amount of interaction on their website, but that is only when you are a member. When you are a member you get to speak one on one with real people, being able to ask questions, and have private lessons. They also offer closed video lessons where they will have a special guest and throughout the lesson people are able to follow along and comment to Drumeo, all while being responded to in real time by the hosts and guest, making their fans feel like what they say really matters.

 Besides little interaction I do believe their approach is working considering the fact they have: 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, 837,000 likes on Facebook, and 641,000 followers on Instagram, with hundreds of comments on their posts.

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One thought on “COM0014-Blog #4: Drumeo Case Study

  1. One of the great things about companies like Drumeo is they know the value of helping their customers to use their products. Another benefit is being able to educated the general public about how to use their drums which, in turn, can lead them to become customers in the future. It helps to keep them top of mind when people are looking to purchase a set of drums.

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