Social media good or bad for society? – Opinion

Blog #2

Kiev, Ukraine – October 17, 2012 – Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

Through-out the years, social media has helped multiple organization’s and causes but at the same time affected a lot of people mentally and physically. I was having a conversation with my girlfriend, we were talking about instagram models and even though she said they didn’t affect her personally she told me that she had friends that have been through mental breakdown and health issues trying to look like those top models. A lot of people will say just don’t follow them or pay attention to it and that’s not an option when it comes to the media they are everywhere, those models pay other celebrities to promote their feeds and multiple other ways to get more attention, although the percentage of people affected by that is in the lowest these days it still happen often. Another bad thing about social media is the rappers talking about females like they are objects and in other words you need to be “slim thick” and the body trend in 2020. To be honest this has always been an issue, people want to look like their favorite celebrities or follow the body trend and it does affect some daily. Another internet and social media problem would have to be cyberbullying which is common these days and is a huge issue that unfortunately affected multiple lives and a lot took their own lives because of it but there’s a lot of resources as of now to deal with it especially on instagram and facebook. Social media addiction is also a thing most of us teenagers and young adults have it, it can be from posting every single day to always being on a platform it is very very hard to stay away from it, I won’t lie I am one of them I am truly addicted to it but only because of my music every day I’m promoting it and it’s easy to put it out there.

During these tough times I think social media is an amazing thing, without social media there would be zero change around the world and I feel like we need change for example, we know what happened to George Floyd and its disturbing and disgusting but without the video footage there would be no justice at all, the police would find an excuse and lie about what happened but now we found some type of justice for him, the cops in the video all been charged and that because of social media. Also it’s a great place to share information to the news and hopefully get more awareness that way. I also worked for an amazing company called “We Planet Earth” and they are amazing. Basically they help children in less fortunate places to go to school for the very first time and they use social media to help with funding. Also all those social media is great for communicating with friends and family and create a tighter bond if far from each other for example I live far from my parents and we use facebook video chat to talk almost everyday and I use snapchat to communicate with my friends on the daily, it’s also very good for entertainment purposes such as youtube and netflix. Personally the greatest thing I love about social media would have to be the self promoting aspect of it, it’s very useful for me, helps me grow and brings me more interaction with my music and posts.

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