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Influencer marketing is, in my opinion, one of the greatest marketing trends to hit social media. The process of influencer marketing uses endorsements and mentions from social media influencers in order to generate leads. These very influential social media personalities usually have a dedicated following on their social networking sites. Those with less than 2,000 followers are considered micro influencers.

Many companies such as Red Bull, ACTA, and Gymshark rely on ambassador programs to encourage sales. These programs recruit influencers, offering their products at a discounted rate. They then provide said ambassadors with a discount code to offer to their followers, giving them a small discount as well. When this code is used the ambassador makes a small commission. This allows both the business and the individual to make a profit on each sale.

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The use of influencers aids in building trust and brand loyalty. Through sharing content that displays the product being offered, influencers aid in boosting organic traffic and engagement. Content created by influencers is generally viewed by consumers as unbiased and seen less like ads. This aids in a company’s ability to generate sales.

Are there any brands that you have noticed use influencers to their advantage?

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2 thoughts on “Very Influential

  1. Perfect! I have seen people who do influential marketing but have never got a chance to do it myself. I think that it is a great idea wherein people speak for people like them. It is a win-win for both parties and therefore, I see no harm in it. But the only thing that one must keep in mind is that professional life must be distinguished from personal life, that personal account must be operated personally without any professional intervention.

    • Hi lakjwinderbir,
      I think the line between personal and professional tends to be a little more blurred for influencers. There are many that are only influencers because they have shared their personal life so openly on social networks. A lot of influencers benefit from sharing their personal life and in turn become ambassadors for different brands. This allows for transparency and makes the promotion of the product less biased.

      Emma A.

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