Just Another “Fad” Diet

Social media has become our “go to place”. It organizes our pictures, music, emails, posts, tweets etc. It is our choice of communication and our contact resource. It remembers our likes and uses our curiosity to sell. In some ways it has become our business manager.  Our social networking devices have become our best friends. Social media is the new addiction.

Lately, I have noticed hours and days seem to slip away. I have grown envious of my “friend’s” “lounging poolside posts”.  My phone has become my dinner partner. Try as I might, I can’t remember my last face to face intellectual conversation. Every notification sound sends me running for my mobile device. I am a prime case study for Pavlov’s “classical conditioning theory”. 

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When the covid-19 lock down hit, our clothes dryer broke down. Long story short, our house began to look like a laundry mat. A few days ago a new dyer was delivered. I was so excited. I could now rid the living room of drying clothes.

As I was perusing my new dryer directions, there it was in big bold print: “DOWNLOAD THE APP”. I can download an app and manipulate the dryer settings from my cell! I raced up 6 stairs and across the room to my phone. With cell in hand, I was standing only 20 feet from the dryer. “This app is going to be so convenient”!

That’s when it hit. I was hooked. I needed to escape from the social media monster. I needed to go on a social media diet.

I was apprehensive at ending my friendship with social media. I feared I would fall back into my phobia of the virtual world. Nevertheless, I new a social media diet was in my best interest and vowed to refrain.

Among the growing reality of social media lurks a hidden social addiction that people are trying to escape from. We are so busy mastering our online social circles that our lives away from the virtual world are in need of improvement.  Relationships suffer and we have begun to lack communication skills outside of social networking. “Real life” time is being eaten up by the countless hours we spend on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Focusing on the negative will give us justification for an impromptu social media diet. However, a social media diet is not the answer nor will it solve the negative realities of social networking. There is a need to focus on the positive aspects and use these aspects to set your social media plan.

Similar to any diet, it might be time to set limits, rather than terminate, the number of social sites we belong to. It is time to focus on choosing platforms that best suit our needs and feed our wants. We need to set time limits that allow us to have “real time”. We need to carefully pick who we network with. A good social media regime will give social media the chance to enhance not inhibit our lives.

One thing I have learned; if you are planning a social media diet, be sure to follow the rules of social media protocol and let others know of your intention. Others will be waiting for you in the land of social media.


Karr, A. and Karr, A., 2020. Why It May Be Time To Go On A Social Media Diet | Canadian Living. [online] Canadian Living. Available at: <https://www.canadianliving.com/health/mind-and-spirit/article/why-it-may-be-time-to-go-on-a-social-media-diet&gt; [Accessed 1 June 2020].

Facebook: https://facebook.com/socialmediadiet

Twitter: Another “Fab” Diet. #soicalmediadiet

8 thoughts on “Just Another “Fad” Diet

  1. I love this post! As essential as social media is, I feel like when it *mainly* consists of mindless scrolling or when it starts to affect mental health, it’s time to cut down. I’ll agree that it’s not an all or nothing approach, cutting down the hours spent and setting limitations is key!
    Thanks for starting up this discussion!

  2. Great insight!!!! It has me thinking I am ready to go on a much needed social media “diet”. The loneliness and isolation of Covid 19 definitely has me indulging and scrolling endlessly from one rabbit hole to the next.

  3. So true….this is probably not the greatest time for a “social media diet”. We all need connections during this time and if we find those connections on social media that’s great!!!
    Thank you for commenting.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I strongly agree with your statement “all or nothing”. Sometimes it is just better to slow down a little.

  5. Your post rings loud and clear! Just as cold turkey diets seem doomed from the start, a total severance with social media may go the same route. I have found myself looking at the different platforms to judge what is best for me and to just do a few of them well rather than to have everything and not being able to handle them all. I am working on my project from the upstairs office of my home while in self quarantine and my husband is in the basement, working there. I needed to ask him something about the desk top, so I called on the cell. He laughed and asked if we need to set up an intercom. That was when I realized that we sometimes take advantage of our electronics. Time to work on relationships tonight. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments. I am glad we can find some humor in our social media practices. In this crazy covid time social media may ease a
      bit of loneliness. Thanks for putting a personal spin on your response !!

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