COM0014- Blog #3: Target Audiences

Have you ever wanted to get your eyelash extensions done before? I am a certified lash technician and lashing is one of the many hobbies I enjoy because of the overall  process and happiness it brings my clients, my main focus is to continue growing my business “Zy.Lashes” but to be successful I must take the steps  required. It is important to know both the demographic and psychographic aspects of your audience, that includes the age, gender, ethnicity, and income small things like this make a big difference to help us get a clearer picture of what our audience wants, this is adapting to their needs and receiving feedback first. What will my audience respond to? What styles work are most popular, cat eye or doll eye lashes? Promotions? How many people like to get their lashes done and how many times during the year? Are their eyes sensitive? Who likes natural lashes? Who wants dramatic lashes?  

(Volumes )



One thing I have learned from my target audience research is that there is never one type of person in a community, everyone is different! In my business I have different types of lash services provided to suit everyone’s personal interest such as “Classics” being the most natural, “Hybrids” provide a noticeable look but not to much, “Volumes/ Mega volume” lashes give a dark full dramatic look . Having these options gives all my clients a chance to be satisfied with their results. [] This link is an example of things I talk to my clients about in detail before they get their lashes done to ensure that they have the correct knowledge and the opportunity to share their own opinions to make the right decision for themselves . I personally think that my target audience age ranges from 16-40 up to 50 years old, younger ladies being the biggest percentage of my audience and now a days everything is communicated through the internet. My way of communicating with my audience is by social medias such as Instagram and Facebook, this shows my work in all forms like videos and pictures, keeps my clients updated on any promotions/giveaways I may have monthly and makes me available to listen to any questions my clients might have because overall the goal is to be engaged and helpful to your audience.

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