Would people swipe right on your businesses social media?

If you haven’t met me person you should know that I’m very comfortable providing my opinion on a wide range of topics but there is one exception to this rule and that is dating. Honestly it’s not for any bad reason, I promise. My partner and I met in high school, he was my first and only boyfriend, so I feel like when it comes to giving dating advice to friends, who are now in their mid-late 20’s, I’m a little out-dated in my research.

Don’t believe me? Well if you asked me the best way, in my experience, to meet someone who would be interested in a  long-term committed relationship I would have to be honest and tell you I met my husband because his locker was beside my high school besties….doesn’t apply to people in there mid-late 20’s, right?

That being said the more I read about writing for social media platforms the more I realize the advice has the potential to be transferrable!

Reading How to Create the Ultimate Social Media Style Guide by MINDSCAPE really drove this home for me.

Exhibit A – Writing Style/Tone of Voice

“Know your brand’s voice. Is it conversational or is it factual? What “language” do your personas best respond to? It’s OK to let your hair down on social media.” (Mindscape, 2020)

Dating Advice: know who you are and own it!

Think of it like this, what is more attractive to you in a partner; someone who knows who they are and owns it or someone who is scattered, unsure and indecisive? Well the same goes for your businesses social media presence. Knowing who you are is important but knowing that the setting, social media or on a date, is also meant to be fun so don’t forget to have some.

Exhibit B – Images, Videos and Formatting

“Social media messages with images get 75% more clicks than those that don’t have a photo.” (Mindscape, 2020)

Dating Advice: don’t just talk, do something to show who you are

If you want to get another date plain and simple be memorable by doing more than just talking. Do something to make it memorable and show who you are.

Images, videos and formatting are how businesses can quickly show a consumer who you are. It also encourages the consumer to interact and build a relationship. It’s engaging and interactive which is similar to a good date. Show who you are and stand out by suggesting something different, show how fun you are with your unique suggestion.

Exhibit C – Content Calendar (aka schedule and follow through)

“Make a posting schedule and stick to it! Consistency is key.” (Mindscape, 2020)

Dating Advice: make sure to schedule something, follow through on your plans and don’t give up

When dating someone has to make the first move, so why not be you. When you make a plan make sure to follow through on it. It may be scary to put yourself out there but you need to try. If you consistently put yourself out there the more you will get comfortable with doing it.

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

All of this to say that if you are dating or in business you need to own who you are, be creative in your delivery and allocate time to it if you want to be successful in having someone swipe right.


Mindscape. (2020, February 16). How to Create the Ultimate Social Media Style Guide. Retrieved from https://wearemindscape.com/how-to-create-the-ultimate-social-media-style-guide/

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