COM0014 Blog #2– Storytelling and Communication Styl

From this week’s lecture I learned the importance of format for storytelling. Similar to engaging into social media for business, although it seems to be a very common thing just keeping posts, there are many things to be care about when we actually doing it. In the following passages I will give my opinions to them.

It is vital to form a particular way for storytelling for grammar and tone. Just like the first glance at one’s Instagram account page, the first thing we notice would be the fantastic content and user’s format posting pictures of videos, some may post 3*3 to form a large picture in order to catch potential followers’ attention. One’s habit using grammar and tone for storytelling is similar to catch visitors’ eyes. 

Besides, the structure for a passage is also important. Recently I started reading the Economist, one thing I noticed immediately is that those articles’ structure are very clear. Authors tend to express their opinions for each paragraph in the first sentence and Usually they would lay out the whole point in the first paragraph which is very convenient for readers to improve reading efficiency.I think that is the thing we should learn from.

Engaging into comments with others is another important thing we should keep in mind. One evident benefit is that by reading comments we can get some advice from visitors which would improve yourself and followers’ experience, which is vital for building loyalty. Furthermore, the comments will let us know what they need. However, similar to writing stories, it is important to care for tones when replying to visitors in the way they prefer.

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