Why I left Facebook – A Deep dive

2009-2019 – That is the timeline for my time on Facebook. Facebook was originally seen as the best way to keep in touch with people all over the place. I had people from the 3 different Elementary Schools I had gone to, people from the cadet program who were all over the country, and then eventually people from the 3 High Schools that I ended up going to, and College. Facebook for me for quite a while was the hub, the place to be on, the place to join groups, meet like-minded people and the place that also verified if your relationship status was “Facebook Official” which I bought into as a teen and young adult as something that validated me. I genuinely thought that having all of those “friends” meant something real, but the truth is that come near the end, around 2018-2019, Facebook started making me stressed out more than anything.

In 2015 Facebook added an “On This Day” feature and though for me it started off rather well, that feature was the one thing that really started to take me out of the platform. Reminding me of things that I really did not want to be reminded of; past friendships that were no more, former relationships and other pictures that I will admit (because I am weird) that I did not want deleted, but that I just did not want shoved in my face. I would have been okay being reminded of these things on my own terms, when I wanted to look at them, but not from Facebook shoving them in my face every, single day. I know that it may sound silly, but that, coupled with the fact that Facebook made it really easy for people I did not want in my life to contact and find me (even when blocked) just made me feel vulnerable on the platform. Bad experiences from people who were nothing but toxic, overloading myself with fake friends in order to gain an inflated sense of self worth and Facebook contributed to all of this.

I have to say, even with all of the people posting all over my timeline, I never felt more alone than I did in the final days of me using that platform.

I left Facebook because I wanted to leave all of the crap behind. I left Facebook because I want to leave all of the fakeness behind. Facebook also sold out data to Cambridge Analytica in 2016 for the sake of the 2016 Presidential Election, which I know doesn’t effect us but still, which tells me that if a company as gross and underhanded as Facebook would go and do that without telling us, change their platform to make it more “conservative friendly” when they got rid of the trending news (because people complained it was always too leftist), and they were trending away from really wanting to sell to desktop users (I just liked the games better on desktop), the platform was not going to be for me anymore. It has more than outlived its usefulness and I know one of the few things that was keeping me to the platform that I had been on since I was 13 was mainly the fact that I had a 6 year old account (I had about 7 accounts during the time that I was on the platform) and that I had a few people that I could only contact on that platform.

What allowed me to rid myself of the demon that was Facebook was realizing that there are enough people running in the circles who have my number and if they wanted to talk to me they could message me or call me and with that I deleted the platform.

It has now been almost a year, 2019 was a huge rebrand for me on Social Media platforms. I deleted my 6-year-old Facebook page, deleted my 5-year-old Instagram page with over 2700+ photos, made a new Snapchat and YouTube Channel along with a brand-new Twitch account and Twitter. All of which is going really strong now and I feel a lot more connected to.

Facebook is fake, at least the rest of it has more integrity to not lie to my face.

Thank you all for reading, I also have an essay that I wrote on why I left Facebook from back in 2019 on my website. Check the hyperlink to go a little more in depth on this topic!

Social Media Posts:

Twitter: A Blog post about why I left Facebook is much detail! Check it out on #Wordpress at the link below! (Link would then be inserted here)

Facebook: A Blog post I made talking about why I left Facebook. Come on over and check it out on WordPress at the link below! (Link would then be inserted here)


Levis, M. (2019, September 04). Philosophy #1 – A Meditation on Facebook. Retrieved May 23, 2020, from https://marcusphilosophy.ca/2019/09/03/philosophy-1-a-meditation-on-facebook/

10 thoughts on “Why I left Facebook – A Deep dive

  1. Hi there, I understand your frustration with Facebook. I’ve deleted and then readded the app to my phone so many times. The actions of Facebook with Cambridge Analytica around not just the 2016 Presidential Race, but also the “Yes” vote for Brexit was outrageous. For Facebook to constantly wash their hands of any responsibility for how their platform is being used for political manipulations just highlights for me how money greedy and uninterested the corporation is. Some would argue that is the very nature of a corporation, but that is only because as a society, we allow them to behave that way. We are still in the early years of really understanding the social impacts of our new digital world, accountability needs to be there, and I think, eventually, there will be a reckoning. This is a really interesting Tedtalk about Facebook and Brexit: https://www.ted.com/talks/carole_cadwalladr_facebook_s_role_in_brexit_and_the_threat_to_democracy

    • I fully agree with you especially when you say that we are in the early stages of knowing the impact of this new world that we live in now. You are 100% right! The thing is we have been in this new world for probably around 15+ years now and we are now seeing the impact of these things so we do need to buckle down and regulate

      • I agree, unfortunately I do not believe there is a real will to regulate this space. Too much money is changing hands and there is too much data to exploit. Although, I could just be a cynic and perhaps regulation will eventually make its way onto the stage. Hopefully before we reach the point of no return, in the sense of data abuse, manipluation and the complete erosion of privacy.

  2. Hi, I just recently jumped into the world of Facebook so I was especially interested in your experience. This was not a choice I wanted to make. For years I have been avoiding this platform. I was actually feeling quite proud of myself for shunning Facebook….until last month.
    We are a sports family and every new sport year I am approached by team managers, who advise families to join the team group on Facebook. “This is where all team information will be posted”. This especially annoys me when there are plenty of sport apps for teams and really should an under aged team be publishing team information on Facebook? Hmmm…I’m not so sure.
    Anyway, long story short. I caved. I felt we were missing crucial information. Instead of receiving important team news, I was immediately “friended” by “friends” I really don’t have. I have been thrown into their lives by way of posts that are of no real interest to me. After reading your post, I have decided to unfriend “friends” and most likely delete my account. I am glad this decision only took me only one month and not years!

    • First off Kathy I am sorry that that had to happen to you. Facebook brings with it a heap of Dogma, and I think that instead of people being willing to send out League-Wide email blast or something. Facebook (to me anyways) started off really well, but just became this fake place overtime! I am glad to see more people who agree!

    • I hope so, because I did not want to delete the posts that I had, but It drove me off the platform because of Facebook’s incessant promotion of certain posts!

  3. I totally understand those feelings of inauthentic relationships. I think a social media reset is probably an important and useful thing to do once you transition from teenage-hood to adulthood. We change so much in those years that our own social media can even become inauthentic. Our values, interests, friends, etc all change and it can be hard to keep up to date with those changes over time. I find myself doing follower/friends list purges every 6 months these days and removing those people who bring me nothing good anymore.

    Social media… incredibly useful and liberating platforms that can also be so harmful and restrictive.

    • 1000 Percent! Changing from the time we make accounts as teen/young adults it really does need to be changed over and overhauled when we get older. The mindset from 13-23 was one thing, but I knew there was a need to change at 23!

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