Fundraising Made Easy with the Click of a Mouse

I am an event manager for a local cancer foundation, and like many other non-profit organizations during the covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel signature fundraising events for the remainder of the year.  The situation forced us to find new ways to raise money in order to fund local cancer care, research and clinical trials – unfortunately cancer does not wait during a pandemic.

Peer-to-peer (i.e. TeamRaiser), crowdfunding (i.e. GoFundMe) and online auctions (i.e. 32auctions) are a few of the digital platforms that fundraisers have been using for some time often in conjunction with live events. These mediums are still important during these unprecedented times, however, now more than ever non-profits are turning to social media to fundraise to replace their cancelled walks, galas and golf tournaments.

For example, the emergence of Facebook fundraisers over the last year or so is a new revenue stream that charitable organizations can now rely on, and at no expense to their bottom line.  These fundraisers have made it easy for people to get started, share and raise money for the causes that mean the most to them (with no fees to do so). Whether you are celebrating a birthday, honouring a loved one, or graduating high school, Facebook has turned life’s special moments into a fundraiser.

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With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a Facebook fundraiser in minutes:

  1. Click “Fundraisers” in the left menu of your News Feed
  2. Click on “Select non-profit”
  3. Search for the charitable organization you wish to support
  4. Set your fundraising goal and the date your fundraiser will run until
  5. Create a name for your fundraiser and a post telling people why you are raising money
  6. Upload a cover photo or select one of the ones created by Facebook
  7. Click “Create”
    (Facebook, 2020)

Voilà! You are now a fundraiser!  A donate button is added to your post and your Facebook community can now support your worthy efforts. Just as easy as it is to create a fundraiser, it is just as easy for non-profits to receive the funds through a monthly e-transfer from the PayPal Giving Fund

Now that you know how easy it how easy it is to raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart, how likely are you to host a Facebook fundraiser?

“How do I start a fundraiser on Facebook?: Facebook Help Center.” (n.d.). Retrieved May 22, 2020, from

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8 thoughts on “Fundraising Made Easy with the Click of a Mouse

  1. This is a very handy step-by-step instruction guide. I am currently looking into hosting a fundraiser on Facebook, along with an online auction. Following your blog, I checked out 32auctions and it seems pretty easy to set up – thank you for mentioning it!

  2. I like the idea! I actually thought about doing a Facebook fundraiser for my birthday this year. I can’t wait to see if my friends and family will participate.

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing. This is a very useful blog. I am quite sure the majority of people do not know that online fund raising could be started this easily. I have spent countless hours sitting in parking lots watching my son’s teams convince shoppers to donate. I am tired of approaching people to buy tickets promising a bucket of alcohol should they win. Your ideas are refreshing and I can’t wait to share them!

    • It’s such an easy way to fundraise, and it allows you to reach a braoder audience such as family and friends who may live outside Ottawa.

  4. Thank you for the information. I have seen some Facebook posts in the past year or so with this feature from friends. I am sure this has been deemed an even more handy tool at this time. Also a good tool for an easy way to be able to donate but not live in the area.

  5. Thank you for the insight on creating fundraisers via Facebook! This was very informative. Do you know if there tends to be a difference in engagement between different fund-raising sites? For example, do Facebook fundraisers tend to be more successful than a GoFundMe page?

  6. I like that Facebook recently added the ability for people to make a fundraiser for their birthdays. It makes it way easier for organizations, and there almost isn’t a birthday that I don’t see a fundraiser for these days. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t make a Facebook fundraiser. For the sole purpose that I would much rather have my own fundraiser. For example, I am currently about to launch a clothing “brand” where half of the revenue goes towards local food banks. Although I know not everyone has the opportunity to do that. I may be wrong with my assumption but with Facebook being a business; I wonder if they get a tax break on holding such “events”. I in no way think that it is bad to have a fundraiser on Facebook but where I would rather have my own, I think it is a fantastic idea for someone else! I know that many charities appreciate every dollar that they receive. Thank you for teaching us! I hadn’t looked into it before and I’m glad to hear how easy it is.

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