COM0014 Blog 1: A Mother-Daughter Vacation Story

We didn’t take many vacations when I was a kid. My single mom spent most of her time working or taking care of me and my brother. So when I grew up, moved out and started working full-time, my mom and I decided it was time to start a tradition. Every September, usually the week of Labor Day, we would go on a trip together. We don’t go too far and we try not to spend too much money, but these trips have been incredible. 

When planning our most recent trip we decided to head east, picking Halifax as our holiday destination. Beautiful scenery, lots of history, live music and culture – it couldn’t get any better. While planning I also came across some awesome looking pubs and breweries (🎵these are a few of my favourite things🎵). Plus, I’ve always kind of felt like I belonged out by the ocean. 

A skyline picture taken from the top of a large rock at Peggy's Covee

We flew from Ottawa to Halifax, rented a car at the airport and started our drive towards the city. When we realized we had some time to spare before we could check into our AirBnB, we decided to take a detour to Peggy’s Cove. Obviously we knew this was a very attractive tourist destination with things to see and souvenirs to buy but most importantly, after a morning of travel we were both hankering for a lobster roll. 

Fun fact – or maybe just something I had never really thought about – people actually live in Peggy’s Cove. It shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. I just kind of figured that there would be a restaurant, some vendors and of course a lighthouse. What I didn’t realize was the population of Peggy’s Cove is 30 residents. People actually live there year-round.

Jess and her mother pose for a picture in front of the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

The houses are cute and cottage-y and it’s fair to assume the residents are accustomed to their tiny town being overrun by tourists. There must have been thousands of people there while we were checking it out.

We stopped for lunch, bought a painting from a local artist, and snapped a pic in front of the lighthouse. 

After a lovely visit and a pint of Nine Lock’s Dirty Blonde at the Sou’Wester, we headed to Hali. I noticed along the way how beautiful Nova Scotia is. Hillside and colourful houses, trees, and a beautiful ocean view sounded us as we drove along the coast to our final destination. 

Over the next few days, we took advantage of staying close the harbour and walked to all of the must-see spots we set out to visit. We checked out the Halifax Citadel and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to take in some history. We walked along the boardwalk, and even took the ferry to Dartmouth and back. 

A beer sample at the Alexander Keith's Brewery

Because of my love for craft beer, tied with a desire to learn as much as I possibly can about anything and everything, we checked out the Alexander Keith’s Brewery to take a tour of their brewing operation and learn not only about how they make beer but also about how it was founded way back in 1820. 

We sat in bars, clapped and stomped along to the music of local bands, tried new food (you have to try deep fried pepperoni – just trust me), and most importantly we spent some amazing mother-daughter time together. 

A photo a Jess's mom sitting in a parlour at the Alexander Keith's Brewery

Next September we planned to go to New York City but with the current situation we’re experiencing globally, we may need to take a rain-check until 2021. But you can guarantee that any trip we take, no matter where it is or when it happens, will be one to remember.

Photo of Jess (right) and her mother (left)

I never felt like I missed out on anything growing up. My mom made sure my bother and I had great experiences, even if they had to be in our backyard.

Quality time with my mom is always going to be important to me. She is my inspiration, my favourite travel partner and the person who made me who I am today. 

I love to travel with my mom.
Who’s your travel buddy? 

One thought on “COM0014 Blog 1: A Mother-Daughter Vacation Story

  1. I liked reading this blog! I spent a year in Halifax and think about it often and when I travel lately it’s just by myself to cover a film festival so any socializing I do is within the industry or at the bar which makes it a different sort of experience. I liked the pictures in this blog as well as the human touch felt within the text. Have a great day!

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