Video Conferencing becomes Mainstream

One of the recent trends that I have observed is the enormous and broad growth in video conferencing.

I have had a Zoom account for many years and have enjoyed the ability to meet with groups remotely and particularly the ability to record sessions and share later through social media.

During the Corona virus pandemic I have observed new uses of the this technology, far beyond business applications. In the past month, I have seen Birthday parties, family suppers, weddings, funerals, elementary classrooms, and church Sunday Schools offer their programming and gatherings through video conferencing.

I think moving forward, even after the global travel restrictions are lifted, more and more gatherings, concerts and conferences will be recorded live and offered remotely. We are beginning to see more clearly the inherit risks in travel and gathering in large groups and will continue to see more creative ways to use video conferencing in place of face to face meetings.

My prediction is video production and video gathering through video conferencing will continue to be an essential tool for online marketing and social media well into the future.

3 thoughts on “Video Conferencing becomes Mainstream

  1. Hey,
    Interesting blog you have created! I never been into a conference before but what I have learned from this blog is that using Zoom is a great way for online conferences even though we are currently in a pandemic !

  2. Hi,

    I like your findings during the coronavirus pandemic. It is probably the most significant changes for our life.
    I think beside those video tech companies, there would be a great potential development for telecom sector. As except for communicating with others remotely like a telephone, it is important to deliver a high quality video with a low delayed response so that people could actually enjoy a real-time “face to face” communication with others.
    By doing this not just a larger bandwidth is requested but the revolution on data transmission is necessary. We have experienced the benefit from fast speed sending and receiving from 2nd generation wireless systems to LTE, it is the similar thing for us to experience now. With the application of 5th generation wireless systems is being put into usage in our daily life nowadays, I’m sure that a better video conference would be around the corner.
    Beside video conference, transportation industry is facing similar situation. The delivery no matter for foods or daily supplies is becoming another mainstream. With a such high demand and reliance, a more efficient transportation system would is necessary. Especially for Canada Post, I have really bad experience with Canada Post these days. Last month my friend and I bought some clothes online, almost same quantities at same time with my friend. However, my friend got the delivery a week later and it took me almost a month. During this time I contacted Canada Post several times and they only thing they said was because this special period the delay may happen. I truly understand that but shipping clothes from Mississauga to North York for nearly a month is unacceptable. No to mention, my friend lives at Markham, it is more far than where I live compared from Mississauga. Moreover, they have lost my driver license which I renewed on last month, the stuff told me it would take about 3 weeks to get my new license but right now it’s been 6 weeks. I went back to Service Ontario again to check whether they have shipped out my new license or not and they told me that I had to renew the driver license again. At that moment I knew that Canada Post lost my driver license again. Canada Post’s customer service were kept saying sorry but I can’t feel their sincere. Probably the thing they have to change is not just a new transportation system but stuff training for deliveries.
    The coronavirus pandemic is a disaster but it also gives us an opportunity to develop new methods dealing with virus and hope a reliable vaccine would be developed soon.

  3. I first heard of Zoom through New Zealand Trade Enterprise where they use this tool extensively for their regional meetings. With Covid-19 pandemic, we needed a platform for our meetings, and we are currently using Zoom . There was an issue about security, and then a password was created with each Zoom meeting along with the ID to avoid any security breach. There is also a tool in Zoom where you can share slide or a document which we use extensively. Now there are other platforms for video conferencing which are being used such as Cisco Webex, and Google Meet.

    As mentioned above, the Covid-19 pandemic created video conferencing phenomena which is not only confined within the office invironment. It is now a classroom platform where kids get creative in the backgound they post, and it is a place where family get together for birthdays, and where social clubs like Toastmasters coduct their meetings.Even global conferences like G20 is now conducted through video conferencing.

    There are great benefits for video coneferencing as it reduces travel budgets, and keep people safe especially during such conditions. I believe that the current global status quo has pushed video conferencing for the forefront.

    Thank you for raising such interesting topics.

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