Personal Reflection

This course on Digital Communications has really taught me a lot about the importance of not only finding your voice, but having something important or helpful to say with it. Storytelling and figuring out what your stories can offer others was a really important lesson for me as I was unknowingly struggling with that. I think at the end of this course it is now clearer to me what my story is, who it could resonate with, and how I can use my voice to better get it across. 

Storytelling is important to creating great digital content because it gives you an authentic way to connect with others. You get to share a piece of yourself that in some way should benefit you, and your audience. Storytelling is the way humans communicate with each other, back and forth we share stories in order to find connection and understanding. To bring that into the online marketing world makes perfect sense. People may not relate to a hot dog selling business, for example, but, if you give it a heart and a personality, an audience will form. 

I think my content has already been guided by my story, as I write about living my life as a farmer. There is room for my content to expand into other ways of story telling, however, and I will explore those other ways going forward. I want to continue to tell my story as a young farmer in Canada and do my part to help highlight Canadian farming as well as bring something back to our community that can strengthen it. Whether that comes in the form of entertaining distractions or solidarity in mental wellness I still need to work out but, storytelling is definitely the way to achieve both. 

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