COM0015-Blog#4: Are You Still Using Good Old Skype or Do You Zoom?

With COVID-19 being a part of our daily lives now, I have heard more about the video conferencing system Zoom than I ever did in the past!  Even the members of Saturday Night Live (SNL) did their show SNL from Home but it was Live from Zoom!  So, without a doubt, since I had to blog about an unexpected application for social media, I chose to blog about Zoom.  But wait, not only do I want to blog about this application, I also want to mention how well their online marketing is going since most of us are working from home!

As a freelancer, Skype used to be my application of choice.  Well, I must be honest, I had never heard of Zoom before COVID-19.  These days, I seem to be hearing a lot more about Zoom than Skype so right out of the box, I wanted to know what all the craze was about with Zoom and why Skype seemed to be losing its popularity.

But what about Skype?  I remember the days when you used to “Skype” your friends and family.  Then, Skype became more than just a familial tool.  Many enterprises were using Skype as their video conferencing tool of choice.  So why have so many people left Skype to join Zoom?  Both are great choices, but it all depends on your business needs.  They are both powerful communication channels that are very efficient and cost-effective.

Zoom was designed as a video conferencing software to help promote collaboration using an innovative system allowing applications such as web conferencing, group messaging as well as online meetings.  Zoom is a cloud based application that supports many different platforms such as Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad and web platforms.

As for Skype, the goal of the software application, which includes text, voice and video tools, was to provide its users the opportunity to share content with others no matter where they were located.  Skype is a web-based application that is also supporting various platforms like all Windows, Android phones, iPhones, Macs and iPads.

Here is a more detailed comparison between Skype and Zoom that demonstrates the differences between the two software applications. 

In conclusion, it is almost impossible to adopt a software application for long nowadays.  The technology allows for constant changes that are being made at lightning speed.  I have adopted a new motto that reflects that evolution: learn to expect the unexpected!  Will you?


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