COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the box

Growing up in the era of social media, it’s hard to think of a time without it. Social media platforms have exploded in popularity and bring us global connectivity, which is more important right now than ever before.

Being so used to social media, it’s hard to think of something that surprises me about it, but what comes to mind is social media platforms that have charitable features. A prime example of this is that users can set up a fundraiser through their Facebook page for an organization, and their friends can then make donations to the charity. Not only is this possible on the platform, Facebook encourages it.

When your birthday is coming up you’ll start seeing a message in your home-feed similar to the example above, which prompts you to set up a fundraiser for your birthday. Setting up a fundraiser is a great way to support a cause you care about, and ask your friends to support it as well. Facebook makes it easy and even has suggestions of charities to select that you can scroll through and select without leaving the app.

Facebook’s donation feature has proven to be quite successful. In fact, $2 billion has been raised through Facebook donations since the feature was added about four years ago. This highlights the true impact people can have when you harness the power of social media.

In a world where social media is often known as being a toxic place, it’s nice to see some positivity shining through.

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