Who Knew Staying Home Was So Hard?

Who knew staying home was so hard?

I’m struggling. I’m an extrovert. I have delivered balloons and decorated for parties for 20+ years, so I really wouldn’t have had a chance at success if I was introvert. I’m also a ‘city girl’. You could argue that because my city’s population is only 50000, but I can relate more to a city girl than a country girl. I walk or bike often to run my errands, buy my lunch and coffee out. I enjoy walks and activities in nature, as long as I’ve gathered a crowd to join me. And if you still question my city girl status I’ve given myself – well – cows (and rabbits) scare the heck out me. I think I’ve made my point here without discussing my fears and traumas. We will save that for another blog post!
When delivering balloons you have to put yourself out there. Nobody misses the girl with 50 rainbow coloured balloons walking into the conference room filled with 100’s of family and friends. I’ve lived here my entire life and met a ton of people through my business. I’m always busy with social events, have a strong interest in live music, stay active and enjoy socializing daily. I know a lot of people and I pretty much miss them all.
When we were first told to stay home I thought – ok no big deal. We recently purchased a new home and have a ton of renovation projects on the go. I’ll just start working on those. I’ll focus on the scheduling software and putting the policies and procedures manuals together for my partners newly expanded psychotherapy & neurofeedback practice I’m helping him build. I’ll finally bake that Gingerbread loaf recipe I’ve wanted to bake since I read Sarah Ban Breathnach’s ‘Simple Abundance’ 20 years ago. I’ll get up and run on my treadmill, and I’ll do that work out video I ordered. I’ll finish all my homework in the online classes I’m taking way ahead of their due date. Wrong. Boy – was I wrong.
I have done none of the above. Staying at home is hard. I’ve learned I need the pressure, the chaos and the people. I miss chatting with random people I don’t know on my walks. I miss a smile and a wave from a total stranger on the other side of the sidewalk. I miss my lunches with my business friends, craft classes with my girlfriends, popping by friend’s workplaces when I’m in the area. I miss checking in on friends when they are not doing so great or when they are. I miss hitting up events posted in my newsfeed. I miss my patio drinks when it’s still chilly out but – we – don’t – care – because -summers – coming. I miss tall cold draft beer. I miss my favourite bartenders.
This is an honest post. I know and understand how important it is to stay home. I know it will save lives. But life has changed for me, I’m emotional and I’m struggling. My comprehension and concentration skills, organization skills and memory retention are at an all-time low. Who knew staying home was so hard? Are any of you struggling as well? I’m curious to know how other extroverts are feeling and coping through this.

Resources:How To Be Mentally Prepared For A Pandemic https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/417849671680925941/


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One thought on “Who Knew Staying Home Was So Hard?

  1. Thank you for writing this – I am also struggling being at home. I miss my work friends, my once a month craft time with the girls, coffee dates and my volunteer work. My work team and I had a conference call today simply because we missed talking to each other.

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