COM0015: Strong & Weak Organizations

In times of crisis, Leadership matters. At the moment, the world is being forced to face and respond to the Covid 19 global pandemic. At this uncertain time, we are looking to our world leaders to provide clear direction, policies that protect us, and words of comfort.

I am both an American Citizen and a Canadian Citizen and follow the communication from both countries closely as I have family living in both countries and the policies from both affect my family personally. I have lived approximately half of my life in each country.

In the social media courses at Algonquin, we have studied many aspects of effective use of social media and in this case, I would like to contrast the media and social media use during the Coronavirus pandemic of a strong organization, the Canadian government to one that seems to be much weaker in this scenario, the American government.

As we have learned in our courses, Content in king. Providing engaging, clear, purposeful and consistent content is the basis of any social media strategy. As a daily observer, I am impressed with how The Prime Minister of Canada has addressed the nation daily, has visually followed the scientific social distancing protocols, leading by example, and has stayed consistent with his daily messages of strategies that will protect all Canadians.

In contrast, the daily press conferences by the President of the United States have provided conflicting messages. The President has waffled over key messages and chooses to name call and pick petty arguments with the press. His appearances have not instilled faith and confidence in his leadership and ability to navigate the pandemic well for his citizens.

Tone matters, whether leading a business, a charity or a country. Trudeau has projected a tone of intelligence, calm and trust. I can not say the same about the tone of Trump. Trump’s tone tends to be more petty, argumentative, and self-glorifying.

Many credit Trump’s short and direct to the voter communications on Twitter for the presidential win in 2016. During this time, Trump has chosen to use his Twitter account to bully and insult people who do not agree with him. While Trudeau typically uses his Twitter account to promote and reinforce successful Canadian government programmes.

In closing, I believe that the true character of many world leaders has been seen through what they choose to share on social media and confirmed during this global health crisis. Several years ago, I took the oath of citizenship to become a Canadian citizen. The hardest part for me was raising my hand and swearing allegiance to The Queen, a concept that was very odd at the time for me. After listening to her message in this time of crisis, I now have more respect than ever for her calm and confident leadership.

How have the pandemic responses of our global leaders changed how you feel about their leadership, and their ability govern and respond appropriately to protect you?

Strong Message from Queen Elizabeth II “Remain Strong and Resolute”

One thought on “COM0015: Strong & Weak Organizations

  1. Bravo! What an interesting posting. First, I would like to say that I have been brought up by parents who had taught me respect and that it was forbidden to talk about 3 major subjects when in public: politics, religion and sports. So I will answer your question based on what I have seen and heard from our leaders from a human perspective only. And yes, I agree with you that on a daily basis, Trudeau has spoken to the nation and has comforted the population. I have to admit that I am surprised by all the help that is being provided to our country. I will just say that I wish the United States were as lucky as we are because once again, I agree with you that Americans are receiving mixed messages from a leader who’s tone sometimes almost sounds like indifference. As per Her Majesty, the Queen, well, we all know that she has always been the picture perfect of calm and confidence. Once again, great read!

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