Zoom will change Our Loneliness!

Last week I had heard of Zoom in passing, as a way for my son to go to school during the pandemic. One week later and I am so impressed with this “new to me” platform. After 3 weeks of social and physical distancing it was time to reconnect with friends and family.

Zoom was the answer to my loneliness, over the weekend. It started with an idea on Friday night with my University girlfriends. It turned into a 90 minute video call with 6 of us on Saturday morning. We all live in different parts of Ontario and would normally see each other twice per year. I can not believe how much happier I felt after that call.

How to throw a perfect Zoom party with your friends and family ...

In keeping with the Zoom idea, I got in touch with my sister and parents. We attempted to organize a Zoom call with the 3 families for 6:30pm Saturday evening. My parents are in their 70’s and not overly computer savvy. The meeting time came and everybody logged in. Unbelievable. I was so impressed with my parents for figuring this out. We chatted for about 40 minutes and everybody was genuinely happy to see each other. It is very comforting that this platform is so user friendly that 70 year old Grandma could download the app and log into the meeting all by herself. The Grandchildren and Grandparents are now planning Easter dinner next weekend on Zoom.

Happy Hour Goes Online as Coronavirus Forces Everyone Inside - WSJ

I am a believer. This platform is the answer to the missing connections that we are all feeling during this pandemic. I am singing my new revelation, about Zoom, to anyone that will listen. I challenge everyone reading this blog to reach out to a group of people in their lives, that they have not seen in person for quite awhile. Organize a video call/meeting. It will make you feel kind of “normal” again. You can even have a beverage and pretend you are all together.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan addresses 'Zoombombing:' We had some missteps ...
Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on CNN

I have been researching the Zoom platform and I understand that there are risks involved with its use. We will be using the free version and most likely stick to the 40 minute time limit. We won’t be discussing sensitive topics so I feel like our risk is low.

Back to my son that goes to school in the US, his whole second semester is now dependent on the Zoom platform. I have now paid a little more attention to the good things that the school has going on in order to allow the students to save their year and stay in touch.

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One thought on “Zoom will change Our Loneliness!

  1. I have been using zoom for some meetings, I must say I like it better that conference calls. Perhaps because I can see people instead of just hearing their voices. I haven’t had a chance to read through the security risks involving zoom but I will be sure to check it out.

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