COM0015-Blog #3: Are you Successful at Networking?

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As it has been mentioned previously in one of my blogs, networking is an important tool that can bring value to your professional career.  It is crucial to remain an active member of various professional associations that are related to the translation industry.  Another way to improve our present and future network is to adhere to as many other groups as possible in the quest of acquiring numerous referrals coming from their members. 

A professional social media platform such as LinkedIn offers people the opportunity to display their content online.  Posting blogs, articles, opinions and comments related to your industry or related to a very trendy subject can potentially increase the number of connections and followers.  Whether they are coming from individuals, professional groups and associations, each connection added to your network adds value to it and might not be of any current value but may become very important in the future.

The main obstacle, in so many cases, is that you must be diligent and consistent when posting any content on social media platforms.  Even the most disciplined content creator has moments when it is hard to manage work, content creation and networking.  However, I pledge to be more active and work to solidify my networking in the next 6 to 12 months.  Here is how I plan to successfully increase the number of people within different networking platforms, solidify the existing connections as well as diversified the type of connections that will be acquired through networking in the future.

In order to be successful, I will need to:

  • Identify my influencers and my potential clients
  • Capitalize on mutual connections
  • Use a different approach if necessary
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Not always tell clients how I can help, but let them ask me how I can help
  • Just like any other lead, always follow up an invitation to connect or email

I will also step out of my comfort zone and explore some of the newer social media platforms and experiment with some new content as well as remind myself of the 5 rules of the courteous networker: listen, be myself, create human connections first, be considerate of time, and always follow up any interaction with a thank you.  I try my best to be as successful as I can be at networking.  Are you?


Nebons, Amy.  (May 5, 2015).  Courteous networking.  Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “COM0015-Blog #3: Are you Successful at Networking?

  1. I loved that you added ” The 5 rules of the courteous networker ” listen, be myself, create human connections first, be considerate of time, and always follow up any interaction with a thank you.

    Yes, they are all important, but I would add one more, which is eluded to in the Be yourself statement is filter all of these through honesty and authenticity. Develop an deep and genuine interest in others and learning how you can benefit each other is the foundation of successful networking.

    In the past where I have attended face to face or online events where you are expected to “sell yourself”, I have found these uncomfortable. I prefer to participate in groups or events with people that share a common interest, and then build relationships of value from there.

    People can sense when you are there for your reasons. Flipping our purpose to how to connect and give value is so much more resourceful. Thanks for the great networking post!

  2. Thank you for reading and your kind comments! I totally agree that when you “must” network and when you deeply wish to “network” are two different state of mind. I too remember those events where everybody had to scream something positive and everybody would look at each other with a perplex look. I agree with you that networking should come from a genuine interest in others.

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