COM0015-Blog#2: Strong and Weak Organizations

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When it comes to social media marketing, you have to mention Starbucks. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram, Starbucks have not been absent. Starbuck is quite keen on the use of hashtags. In addition to using the #TreatReceipt hashtag on Facebook to promote “buy coffee in the morning and enjoy special offers in the afternoon”, Starbucks also makes good use of other tags to deepen its tentacles into consumer discussion threads. For example, Unicorn Frappuccino, Unicorn Frappuccino and its tags generated nearly 155,000 posts on Instagram during the promotion period.

Starbucks also makes good use of social media to strengthen its corporate social responsibility image. Starbucks cooperates with Foursquare to promote anti-AIDS charity activities. As long as consumers go to any Starbucks in the United States and Canada and check in on Foursquare, Starbucks will donate $ 1 until they donate 250,000.


The famous Self-Esteem Campaign is undoubtedly the representative of Dove’s successful social media marketing strategy.In this more than 10-year-old marketing campaign, the advertising industry has been changed. Dove diverts consumers to e-commerce platforms through viral video transmission and the linkage of various digital media platforms to drive overall brand sales. Second, the brand and the target audience In-depth communication, conveying the emotional core of the product in the event touched the consumer, while promoting product sales, conveying the core concept of the brand.

Better Living Products

This is a brand that was founded in 1991 to produce bathroom products. Although they also have social media accounts, they have very few followers. They have almost no interaction with consumers on social media, and this needs to be improved. I think their problem is that they are blindly committed to putting product links on the homepage. They just want to promote the product, but they don’t introduce the product. And when followers give comments, they don’t even reply. I think the brand should be like Starbucks, send more Instagram Stories, or interact with everyone through Facebook Communities.

One thought on “COM0015-Blog#2: Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. I agree that in general and as you have mentioned, the famous Self-Esteem Campaign is undoubtedly the representative of Dove’s successful social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, Dove has also created a few campaigns where they have lost a lot of followers as well as a huge amount of sales. Dove is certainly not the weakest when it comes to social media campaigns but it is certainly not the strongest either. After many internet researches, Dove actually was ranked in the category of weak organizations. I explain why in my blog. Blog well done!

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