COM0015 – Assignment #5: Event Participation

Learning is a lifelong process, and professional development events can be a great way to continue learning and discovering things about your industry which you can leverage to do your job better. I make it a goal of mine to carve out time each week for research and professional development, and this was no different. In light of the current global pandemic, I opted for an online event that would help me dive into upcoming trends for digital marketing, and stumbled upon “Digital 2020: Data, Trends, and Opportunities to Guide Your Marketing Strategy”. This was presented by Hootsuite featuring Speaker Simon Kemp, the founder of Kepios. I chose to attend this event as it sounded very intriguing and related to the wok I do. I work for a multinational corporation with customers all over the globe. For my position, it’s important that we remember to look around us and take trends into consideration from all over the world.

screenshot of the event that took place on March 11, 2020

This event was targeted at professionals in the digital marketing industry who want to stay on top of current and upcoming trends worldwide, and this was evident from those in the meeting. The event did not have a chat log like most of its kind do, but participants were, however, encouraged to chat online about the event using the hashtag #Digital2020. There was a twitter feed displaying uses of the hashtag that updated in real time next to the presentation slides. I think this was interesting as it very much went along with the theme of the presentation, how the digital world is so important and ever-evolving. In fact, in his presentation Kemp said that “Social media is now the remote control for most of our lives”. There’s no denying the impact social media has had on life as we know it, and it is now a major player in any company’s marketing arsenal.

This event, as the name suggests, focused on global trends. It was very helpful to learn more about industries and digital usage across the globe, rather than just focusing on one area. While speaking about social media in general, Kemp highlighted that organic posts are great to keep your company top-of-mind for the followers you already have, but growth is very unlikely to happen without sponsored posts and ads to increase awareness and continue growing. The webinar provided some great insight as to where companies typically spend their ad money, and what platforms customers are typically using. Kemp also spoke about upcoming trends and adapting your marketing strategy to align with them.

The webinar interestingly also discussed the rise and power of Tik Tok, and how companies are beginning to adopt this platform into their social media efforts. Tik Tok is not currently relevant to my work in particular, as our target base does not match the user base of Tik Tok, but it served as a reminder to always be looking at new avenues that can be used to reach out to customers. By going to platforms where customers are already active, you have a higher chance of getting your messaging in front of them.

You can view a recorded version of the webinar for yourself by signing up here. I will definitely attend a similar event in the future. Whenever I have a light afternoon at work I like to find a webinar to attend so that I can constantly be learning and improving our processes.

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