B2C Case Study: Spotify

Spotify Logo – http://www.spotify.com

I love Spotify. I was hesitant about a subscription service for my music back when it was first coming into the picture, but about four years ago my sister-in-law turned me onto them. How did she sell me? They had Eddy Arnold’s Cattle Call on there. I have obscure tastes in music ranging anywhere from old country western to eighties synth with space vibes. Spotify has it all, and it recommends new stuff based on your tastes! I have discovered a lot of new music this way and have easily recommended it to all friends and family. 

Despite being a great service with a lot of word-of-mouth and recommendation style marketing going on, Spotify is also very active on social media. Spotify has a strong following on social media, which is partly due to its star power. The popular app has teamed up with many musicians to create content that encourages consumers to stay engaged and intrigued. Faces like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake fill its feed their faces and voices. It has no trouble catching followers’ attention and engage with them by responding to its tweets or comments. 

Spotify itself is also considered a social media network. The service has 217 million users on it as of April 2019 (1) and is growing as a popular place for advertisers to take their campaigns. Company’s want to connect with consumers in places where they already spend a lot of their time; Instagram, Facebook and now, Spotify. The app also offers a community for people. The ability to create playlists and share them with others (and yes, unless you’ve specifically identified them as private, people can see your embarrassing playlist names), the ability to create, share and enjoy podcasts, and of course, it can be used to flesh out your personal brand. For example, a company can make its own account, create a bunch of playlists that create the feeling and vibe of your company, then encourage consumers to come and listen to them. 

Spotify is a great app and a great business. It sells a subscription directly to the consumer that removes the need for hoarding and buying individual songs or CDs. It is the next level of the music industry and has successfully made it to the top of the competition. The move to include paid advertisements was an excellent decision and helps them to stay on top and change with the times. Becoming its on social media network may be the most genius move of all. 


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