Com0015 – Blog #2: Strong & Weak Organizations

One brand that I think does a great job with their social media is the clothing store Dynamite. They do such a great job, in fact, that I had to unfollow them on Instagram as I realized their content was making me buy way too much of their clothes for my wallet to handle.

Photo via @dynamiteclothing on Instagram

Dynamite is active on their social media platforms and regularly post. They are consistent in their branding and messaging across platforms and very cohesive in their approach. Particularly on Instagram, they post very flattering pictures of their clothing, and have a nice balance of posting the clothes hanging on racks, posed on models, or styled in real life and taken outdoors, highlighting how pieces can be worn together for specific events in your life. Dynamite uses their story on Instagram to feature new arrivals or ongoing sales. They’re also sure to include shopping links so customers can easily purchase items that catch their eye with little to no effort. Dynamite is also known to like some of the pictures they’re tagged in of customers wearing their clothes, interacting with customers and not using Instagram as a one-way conversation like some brands do.

Wendy’s is another company that I think does a great job with their social media, but for an entirely different reason. When you think of a fast food place having a social media account, you don’t expect much more than to be bombarded with tweets about how cheap their burgers are, but Wendy’s also serves up a side of comedy with their social media efforts.

via @Wendys on Twitter

Wendy’s balances their posts between being traditional “brand” posts which focuses on their products and enticing customers to order their food, and mixes in some funny posts which entertains and delights users who come across their content. Especially on Twitter, Wendy’s is known for roasting the competition, fellow Twitter users, and all around adding some humour to the platform. This is great because it keep people interested in the account, increases brand awareness, and generates plenty of buzz and word-of-mouth marketing, ultimately contributing to sales.

On the flip side, a company that should adopt a social media strategy is Dragonfly Earring Co., which is a small jewelry business that primarily sells at trade-shows or pop-up locations. Using social media would be very beneficial, as it provides a direct channel to communicate with customers. It would also be a great way to share which trade-shows they’ll be attending so customer know when and where they can check out the stock and buy product. Social media would also be the perfect place to post pictures of the jewelry pieces that are available to drum up interest from potential customers. Overall, using a social media strategy would allow them to connect and interact with customers, highlight their great products, and grow their sales.

4 thoughts on “Com0015 – Blog #2: Strong & Weak Organizations

  1. I have tried to find the companies such as Dragonfly Earring Co. online and I was not sure if I was looking at the right website. It is unfortunate that you have not provided the links to the companies and the social media platforms they are using.

  2. It’s my first time that heared about Dynamite, looks like they have professional techniques about social media marketing, and the posts and images on their main account are fit their brand tone. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think its great that Dynamite has successful social media accounts. It allows consumers to interact with the brand, for example season sales or hiring opportunities. After all the majority of consumers are on their mobile device it makes sense for businesses to be online as well. Great post!

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