What’s your story?

When you reflect upon times spent with people whether it is a sales presentation or a mug of tea with a favorite aunt – you remember the story they told you.

My key learning is that you need to wrap facts in a narrative.

As was the case of an impactful business presentation. The story of a day in the life was used to tell me how a particular technology could be linked together with the customer experience. The end to end story resonated with me and I left the meeting with a vision of how this strategy could change the business.

I learned over the mug of tea from my aunt that my dad used to ride their horse to a local bakery to pick up stale bread for free. One day the horse took a shortcut through an empty clothesline — my dad was literally clothes lined. My aunt said the result was ” that there was bread and Edgar all over the place”. Despite the humor in the story, I reflected, my dad, the oldest in his family, had started early in his life caring for family and that they had been quite poor – without it ever being said.

Our lives – work life and home life – are overflowing with communication fed via a plethora of communication channels. There are a lot of stories out there … so how do you get people to hear your story? Find the right channel for the narrative by getting to know your audience.

Each one of the photos at the top of this story represents a story or 4 from a day out of my life. This learning experience has also taught me that this is a good time to have alot of stories to tell and perhaps I should get on that.


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