COM0015 – Blog post #4: Expect the unexpected

Photo by Nik from Unsplash

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospective and current customers. Using social media platforms to connect with the target audience costs very little and has potential for great return. Building a brand, increase sales, and driving website traffic, can all be positive outcomes from simply being present on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

While I understood the significance of utilizing social media tools has on the field of online marketing, I was surprised by the importance of two applications: social media stories and videos.

Social media stories are snippets (videos, videos, stickers and text) of content which focus on the storytelling aspect of social media. They can be found in the story section of multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.

Image from The Next Web

While I understood they have become increasingly popular, I was surprised by the volume of stories being produced and the growth opportunity brands have when they utilize this tool. At the F8 2019 which took place April 30th & May 01st 2019 in San Jose, CA, Facebook reveled that more than 1 billion stories had been shored every day across their family of applications. No surprise, the social media giant made it clear that Stories were not a fad and were here to stay.

Infographic from Oberlo

Videos have become the new preferred way of digesting online content. Entertaining and engaging, it can give marketers potentially huge return on investment. Statistics show that demand for video content is increasing with 54% of consumers wanting to see more videos from brands and businesses they support. This I found unexpected, as I had assumed too many videos would create unnecessary noise. However, the fact is, consumers love seeing videos on social media and are their favourite type of content on a whole. Clearly, video is a much more powerful marketing tool then earlier expected.

Is your preferred content from brands delivered using stories and short videos?

What unexpected applications have you come across?

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