COM 0015 – Blog #1 Tools and News Sources

Social Media is defined by its ability to be interactive and to allow conversations. Social Media listening and monitoring will be different for each organization. This will be dictated by the scope of their online presence and the complexity of their online profiles as well.

What are you hearing?

For small or local businesses, the insight and feedback tools built in to their primary social accounts might provide more value than larger outside platforms that include a monthly subscription. For our family business, Derand Motorsport, there are several local social media sites where we are able to interact directly with our clients. Most of our regular interactions come from Direct messages through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or from responses to online ads through sites like Kijiji. We have also found value by joining local groups that allow us to interact with local car enthusiasts.

This regular messaging gives us what our clients are looking for in terms of product requests. We also take special not of what customers are extremely pleased or not pleased with through our review messages on Google as well as the recommendation section for our Facebook business page.

We have recently started to run seasonal product ads on Facebook. The analytic tools and insights given through their ad platform have supplied us with new demographics on who is seeing and responding to our online ads. The purpose of our ads is to get the customers to message the store for a quote on a specific product. Within the messages, we are learning even more about our local loyal customer base.

Twitter for Instant Updates and Specific News

Twitter is our go-to resource for news and updates that interest our organization. By attending trade events, like the SEMA show in Las Vegas, we have identified which organizations to follow for relevant and current updates in our industry. Our Twitter feed allows us daily access to the most up to date trends in the automotive industry. We also really appreciate the instant timing of Twitter, with very little news cycle delay. Additionally, we are signed up for Google Alerts for our main product lines and industry, but find much more relevant content from Twitter than from the Google Alerts.

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