The County is a Thing

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PEC or ‘the county’ as it is now commonly referenced by folks far hipper than I, is a parcel of lovely arable agriculture land jutting into lake Ontario.

Prince Edward County was named after the 4th son, 5th child of King George III (the same king who is featured in Hamilton) and Queen Victoria’s father. Many United Empire Loyalists would migrate to this area and call it home at the end of American Revolution. All of which conjures up images of small town bakeries, local farm stalls and preserves.

That is until Jeff Stober and the Drake empire went country or maybe, that should be went county. In 2012, Jeff Stober purchased property in the village of Wellington and began to redevelop an old foundry and outbuildings into a hip boutique inn and restaurant on the shores of Lake Ontario. However, we are still in a bucolic farming area.

So how do you attract the Toronto Queen West crowd all the way to ‘the county’ with such success that reservations are difficult to find even in blustery November. Queue up the Drake marketing and social media team. I think this team has truly nailed the branding of “the Drake’ experience – through all of their channels — projecting a sort of cool quirky approach to everything.

Image result for the drake devonshire instagram

Their artfully crafted Drake-Devonshire web experience located at , provides customers with a bold graphic approach, much like the artwork at the hotel. A fully digital experience – links to images of the room, events and experiences at the Inn along with e.commerce ability to reserve your room.

#thedrake is the instagram account for all of the Drake properties which showcases the consistent brand experience a customer can have at any of their locations. It has some nicely curated images along with customer shared images. The marketing team has developed a lengthy list of #tags to associate with their images to capture anyone searching for a vacation in the county area.

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The Drake Devonshire team has also engaged with the media like to support engagement through more traditional channels to drive interest in a very funky inn in a village called Wellington.

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