COM0015 – Event Participation

After struggling to find an online professional development event that grabbed my attention, I reached out to our instructor Sonia Gibbs for some guidance. Boy was I happy I did. Sonia had no shortage of ideas, and from the list she provided me, one event stood out.

How To Start A Six Figure Advertising Business In the Next 10 Minutes (Without Having Any Previous Marketing Experience) Presented by Danny Tran

The course itself seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical right from the start, but hey, some previous students had participated in the event and I thought if anything it would be interesting, so I signed up! I have always been curious about these sorts of courses, and the subject matter: online advertising, really spoke to me.

The 90-minute course had 97 participants, but yet, despite the instructor Danny Tran’s call for participants to use the chat functionality, it remained silent the whole time. Danny, however, was a great speaker and kept the seminar going regardless of the lack of participation. I think his enthusiasm and quick speech pace had everyone engaged regardless of how few words were spoken by anyone else. What I learnt from this one-way interaction was that confidence speaks volumes.

Despite the online seminar really drilling in the fact that anyone could make a six-figure living from the comforts of their own home (with Danny often repeating “I’m going to show you the exact steps I took to get my online advertising business from zero to $10,000 in profit every single month.”), the most important lesson that I learnt was to put yourself out there. Danny did a great job of explaining how to gain potential clients, and despite the obstacles or how hard it is, confidence to reach out to others will make a big difference.

Furthermore, I found the statistics presented in this seminar around Facebook Ads quite interesting. According to Danny, 62% of small businesses fail with Facebook Ads. However, it only costs $0.25 to reach 1000 people using Facebook Ads compared to the more traditional method of printing in a newspaper which costs $32.00 to reach 1000 people. These statistics really prove that businesses need digital advisement to move forward.

While I don’t plan to make the leap and leave my 9 – 5 job, I did really enjoy this course. I took some lessons away and understand better the impact of digital advertising especially it’s ties to social media. If the opportunity were to arise to participate in a similar event, I would most likely take it. Even if I learn just a small thing, I believe it would be worth it.

What online events have you participated in?

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