COM0014 – Blog #7: Reflection

As a result of taking this course, I have learned some new things and expanded my pre-existing knowledge on certain topics. My main takeaway from this course is about the importance of personal branding, but more specifically how to effectively communicate with my target audience.

Not all businesses or personal brands should utilize the same strategies, post on the same platforms, write the same way, or use the same forms of content. It’s critical to understand your target audience and learn how to tailor everything you do towards them. This course has really made me rethink what I do and factor in who my target audience is.

Storytelling is important in creating good digital content because it helps engage your audience and results in better performing content. Whether your goal is to teach something, get a point across, or encourage your audience to take a certain action, your content must be engaging, which is done by storytelling.

Before and during the creation of my content, I will always ask myself: “how does this add to, or support the story I am trying to tell?”. This makes sure my content is guided by story.

I love to inspire and educate my audience, to help better their lives. Sharing stories that tell people it’s okay to be different, tell people to persevere because everyone has struggles, motive them to work harder and ultimately live life on their own terms while chasing their dreams. 

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