COM0014 – Blog 1: My Last Vacation During The Coronavirus Epidemic

In January, I had a two-week vacation and I planned to return to China to celebrate the Spring Festival and travel with my family. Because I’m busy at work, and I haven’t seen my family for a long time, this should be a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, as we all know, the Coronavirus outbreak began in China in mid-January, but I was already in China at that time, so my travel plan was forced to be cancelled. This is not an interesting experience, but it must be one of the most unique vacations in my life.

Photo by Pexels

I returned to Beijing on January 16th. At that time, people did not know about the virus, because only a small number of people were found to be infected with Coronavirus in Wuhan, so people didn’t pay much attention to it and no one wore a mask. Because January 24th is the Spring Festival, which is the most important festival in China, everyone will return to their hometown. Wuhan is one of the most important transportation hubs in China. This is a large city with a population of 11.8 million, and 3 million non-locals will take transportation before the Spring Festival, so you can imagine why the virus spreads fast.

On January 19, I began to see news about the epidemic, and everyone began to realize the seriousness of the problem. Therefore, I went to the pharmacy to buy some masks and disinfection supplies. It was also on this day that I cancelled my travel plan. The next few days, as the epidemic became more and more serious, masks and disinfection supplies began to run out, whether at pharmacies or online shopping sites. Around the 25th, the government officially asked everyone not to go out. Therefore, I stayed at home for the next week until I returned to Canada. So it can be said that I spent this vacation at home.

My flight was the last Air Canada plane to take off from China, as Air Canada announced that it had stopped flying to China. Everyone, whether at the airport or on the plane, wears a mask, including flight attendants. Some even wear goggles and protective clothing. The picture below was taken at Beijing Capital Airport.

Overall, I’m sorry I didn’t share a positive and enjoyable vacation, but this is my real experience. After I returned to Canada, I was quarantined at home for 14 days before returning to the office, and my work was affected. As of today, Coronaviruses have now affected the world, including Canada. I hope everyone can take this virus seriously, and it spreads faster than you think.

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