Farmer on Vacation

The last vacation I took was a year ago. I didn’t actually start taking vacations until I met my husband. We come from different worlds, like country mouse and city mouse. He went on family vacations every year and I did not. My family didn’t have the time, the money, or the ability to leave the farm. I could go my whole life without going anywhere, if I’m honest, but my husband wasn’t having that life so here we are.

Our last vacation was to Costa Rica. We went to a fairly new resort near Liberia and had a really great time. My style of vacationing involves lying around, reading and eating too much or drinking too much. My husband on the other hand prefers to explore, see all the sights and do all the things. We often meet in the middle. Half the time spent by the pool or on the beach, and half the time trail blazing.

On that trip we went zip-lining over mountains, which was terrifying and beautiful, but most terrifying. We also went horse back riding which is something my husband always talks about doing, but I personally hate horses so I usually avoid it. Growing up, my farm had a total of twenty-four horses. I’ve had more than enough experiences to last me a life-time, but for him we went for it. I’ve never ridden a horse that so desperately didn’t want to be ridden before. It was almost comical how desperate she was to get back to the barn. We also had dinner on a mountain top, went to a hot-springs, and went down to the market beach for a day trip. 

Around the resort was interesting. There was a really cool black sand beach, but the ants and monkeys were too much to enjoy it. The monkeys were actually brutal there, like hungry racoons around a campground. Nothing was safe from them. The staff there were also really great, they did a weird dance at the end of the day that I’m still humming the tune of. They always had fun events and night too, it was never boring there. 

All in all the experience was great. I would go there again. Farmers don’t often get to take vacations so it is a real luxury that I am able. I definitely wouldn’t suffer if I didn’t go away though, I’m very happy with the little patch of paradise I have here in rural Ontario. I’m truly a lucky duck to have both options. 

In the spring we are going on a cruise through Spain, France and Italy for our delayed honeymoon. Fingers crossed we can still go! Pretty up in the air these days.

Has anyone had their travel plans cancelled because of the virus outbreak? Should I plan for the worst?

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