Personal Reflections

Blog 7 – COM 0014

As someone who never really enjoyed my educational experience when I was younger, I must say that being an adult and having the freedom to pick and choose what you want to study is definitely more enjoyable and I found the assignments of having to write blogs especially fun.

Credit Pexels

Maybe it’s because even though the topics were already chosen based on the course assignment, you were able to spin them into your own personal experiences. That is what storytelling is, creating something that weaves people in and gets them immersed. When you are writing digital content you have so many other places of competition to go up against that you need to make sure that your content is fresh and engaging so that people read it. I believe that if you can tell a great story, then like a great book you can get people talking and in talking, they are sharing.

I have never been a great writer, when tasked with writing a formal paper because having to write something based on making sure you follow the rules is stifling. But if you can lose yourself and tell an enchanting story then it doesn’t feel like work.

I have enjoyed reading other classmates writings and seeing how they have been able to tell their stories through their writing techniques and learning a bit more about them. I hope that I can continue to find the time to tell the stories that draw people in and get them thinking and asking questions.

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