COM0015-Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

There are so many practices to stay on top of online marketing and social media. Not all practices will be the best for your company but I believe there are a few that are consistent among everyone. 

I believe ensuring that your social media pages need to be up to date. This means not favouring one platform over the other. I understand content does not always need to be on every single platform, however the worst thing is when one is out of date over the other. Another good practice is posting every day at the most optimal time. This can only be determined through extensive research on your audience. However, posting daily puts you in front of their eyes and keeps you relevant. The most important best practice is by far doing your research. This means research your clients and audience profusely and determining what they want. This could mean what they want to see, what they want to buy and mostly, what they want to read. Having a document that tracks the statistics on each post will ensure that you are only on the incline with likes, followers and shares. 

An unexpected application was the use of instant messaging in larger companies. Even though we use Slack in my company to speak to a team member overseas, I didn’t think larger companies used it until I read an article about the new luggage company: Away. Although not a pleasant article, the company uses it to communicate in real-time with their entire team. Communication is essential in a company because I find that job duties have blurred lines so it’s not uncommon that people do tasks outside of their title. Therefore, having a live and constant flowing form of communication helps alleviate issues that people find with email. This includes email sorting to junk, accidental deletes or reads and simply….just getting lost in the shuffle. 

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