My Dog Swallowed Something

It was quite the morning on Sunday, planned on having a nice relaxing morning, then a craft show, followed by dinner with my parents. Instead it turned into a bulldog fiasco.

I was vacuuming while my husband and kids ate breakfast, my husband decided to give the dogs a toy, which I had taken away because they had been fighting over it.

This is the toy in question

Anyway, I finish vacuuming and come back into the kitchen and my husband asks me if the dogs got the cover off the toy. I’m like “I don’t know I was vacuuming!” Fast forward 20 minutes of frantic searching by all of us to come up empty. Can’t find it ANYWHERE.

These are the culprits!

So, I did what any normal person would do, I googled “How to make a dog throw up.” ( So, I scroll through and start reading but find out it can be dangerous to induce vomiting in brachycephalic breeds, like a bulldog, ( so now what.

I head to a Facebook group I am part of for bulldog owners, I post my problem and get lots of sympathy and similar stories (I’m sure some of you have some too right? You can share below.) Basically I’m told to wait and watch. So, that’s what we’re doing, waiting and watching. Following around two bulldogs waiting to see if some fabric comes out.

The joys of pet ownership.

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One thought on “My Dog Swallowed Something

  1. As a pet owner, I can totally relate. I have lost count of the number of times that I have almost dislocated my shoulder trying to get something off the floor before my dog can get to it. The majority of the time he would likely just sniff it but I don’t want to risk it.
    I used to have a dog who accidentally ate an entire box of chocolates, and as a result, it contributed to her passing (she also had an undiagnosed liver disorder). Since then, I have been overly cautious when it comes to what my dog puts into his mouth, or swallows.
    Thankfully, he’s a good boy who gives me a chance to get whatever he is sniffing.

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