Events on Social Media

Who doesn’t use social media anymore to check the nearest event, concert, party etc…? Have to say this is one of my best features in social media because it does really cover the meaning of the platform.

Personal facebook SnapShot

A plan is the key for an event promotion on social media. You can be hosting a party for a few or a festival for thousands you should really know what strategy to follow. Social media tools will connect you with the right audience if you follow the right guide.

So many ways can be used as the right strategy to host an event on social media. We are going to check few of them.

Pick a social network

It depends really on your target audience and the type of event you want to host. Some social media platforms can be in this case more effective than others.

Facebook can share event updates and engage with followers. It gives you the option to boost your event and reach wider target audience.

Twitter uses hashtags before and during the event to create excitement.

LinkedIn is great for B2B (Business to business) and industry networking. It is great for business announcement.

Instagram is great for brands image engagement.

and more platforms for specific networking.

Which platform you prefer and why?

Creating an event Page on facebook

Currently I am holding an event for stray dogs in Turkey and I used mainly facebook to publish the event. Had to design a poster invitation and say few words, chose my demographic and share it publicly.

Majed Dagher copyright

As you can see a public event like this needs sponsors and social media plays a very big role in convincing them to support. For them it is a free way to advertise their brand.

The facebook event should contain all the details your target audience needs. The discussion area is a great space to communicate and answer questions.

Do you have any specific tips to create a successful event page on facebook?


Sharing a teaser is a great way to engage people. Putting the necessary details in it makes your target look forward to the event. You can use small interviews with the stars or your speakers etc…

Tech TV Jul 26, 2016
Event Teaser Video | YLD | Tech TV Video Production London

What kind of teaser campaigns you prefer?

Share a sneak peek

People love to see what is going on behind the scenes, it gives them the feeling of getting closer to the vent or the star they like. During the design of Sokakta Kalanlar website I simply took a picture of us with my mobile and posted it as a teaser saying “Right now we are working on something really amazing. Wait for our lovely website completion”.

Sokakta Kalanlar Website SnapShot

Instagram Countdown Sticker

Instagram allows you to add different stickers to your story. Countdown sticker is a way as well to keep your audience informed and engaged with save the date. you can totally customize the countdown clock in terms of colors and look and feel. People can subscribe to be reminded and add the countdown to their stories.

Run a social media Contest

Every one hopes for his event to get the most shares it deserves. In this case maybe your own account is not enough to accomplish the task. Contest is a great way to launch a word of mouth campaign without costing any money. Contest should be used very carefully as it can land you in illegal situations if used wrong. Always the opinion of a lawyer is advised in this matter.

Create a Hashtag

The shorter the better in choosing a hashtag for your event. It should be easy spelled when you say it out loud. A hashtag is a great way to access all event material related but it has to be unique to not be flooded with irrelevant contents.

hashtag vector sign of watercolor splash paint
How to promote an event on social media after it’s over?
How social media events will evolve in the future?

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