A Powerful Social Media Listening Strategy


Want to make make your marketing sing? Check out these social listening tools.

We have all heard that in order to be the most effective in our social marketing that we must engage in our communities. Sounds simple, but of course there is more to than that. While engagement does mean participation we must evaluate first of all if we are participating in the right communities and if our communications are appropriate for that audience. In order to evaluate we must study the different social media platforms to discover what best suits our purposes. As we familiarize ourselves with the platforms we can discover who the influencers are by the number of followers, shares and likes on a given profile; it will also become apparent what the best form of communication is and what topics appeal to the community.

But now is where the complexity can set in. What if the number of followers and the like are not the real indicator, then what? Siobhan Donovan suggests not taking much stock in these metrics as they don’t go deep enough.1  Siobhan explains that even when followers exhibit a high level of engagement through likes and followers etc., this still does not get to the heart of an accurate level of influence.2  Siobhan recommends a tool such as the Upfluence search engine that uses “relevancy and an influence score.”3  The relevancy score is measured by a broader range of criteria that include “engagement rates, community size, language, location, platform type, how often they post, etc.”The influence score determines the rank of the influencers based on the criteria as mentioned above and also pulls in number of monthly visitors for blogs. The Upfluence search engine will provide much depth that otherwise will be difficult to discern simply by listening. 

There are many other tools available for many social media measurement metrics. SmartInsights, Hootsuite, Hubspot are just a few of the social media management platforms offering various tracking tools. Hootesuite advertises monitoring filters to “find and filter social conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location—in multiple languages—to hear what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry.”6 SmartInsights and Hubspot offer similar tools for social media targeted listening.

Now that you have employed listening tools and developed an in depth understanding of the various social media platforms and discovered some key influencers, you are ready to dive into your own social media marketing strategy implementation. Your deep understanding of the audience will facilitate your engagement and relevant content that you will be able to share with the community.

What have been your social media and marketing breakthroughs that have really counted?

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photo, shutterstock.

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