The Role of Social Media in Building Celebrities Brand

Mostly everyone on social media follows his or her favorite celebrity on social media, which makes it a great tool to promote their brand. On the other hand most of the celebrities are taking social media matters in their own hands.

“celebrities & politicians” by william coupon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Self Promoting

It does not take a celebrity a lot of effort and time to promote his brand on social media. A couple of tweets a day a couple of engagement a week, a teaser, a couple of pictures behind the scenes and all the fans are engaged.

You still as a celebrity need to try hard not really to get sucked into social media and get away from real life. Engagement has to be clever and comprehensive as you will never have only positive comments. So this is a trap you have to avoid, but at the same time a lot of celebrities who get dragged into something called “faux pas” most often uses social media again to fix the situation. Some celebrities hires social media expert to do the job for them and some others stops using it for several reasons. In this video Metallica’s James Hetfield talks about his social media experience.

RUM Entertainment Dec 2, 2016
Metallica’s James Hetfield ditched Instagram after trying to be a cool dad


Celebrities are people and most often we do not see them except behind the big screen so we always wonder how they are in normal life, what they do when they have to be just parents or a husband etc… 20 years ago answering these questions was a wish for so many fans but thanks to the power of social media, some celebrities do like to engage with their fans this way. Sharing their personal hobbies is one of the things that gives a fan the opportunity to see his favorite actor, singer… in real life and what they do in their free time which it is a way to keep the fans closer and engage.

DailyCelebVidz Jan 14, 2018
Will Smith On A Speedboat Ride In Sydney Australia | Instagram Videos

Not mentioning the use of social media by the celebrities for their own interest like promoting their side business or a brand. Sometimes one tweet can make them a lot of money.

The Different ways of Using the Platform

Social media is used by celebrities in so many different ways. Some of them uses video buzz, others they communicate through tweets, Instagram etc… Katy Perry for example before launching her album witness, decided to use social media to live-stream 4 days of her life. A lot of celebrities came and go as you see the California girl comfortable in her house and sometimes in her PJ’s. The idea was brilliant and it collected millions of views from so many different countries. Another showcase of the power of social media.

Good Morning America Jun 11, 2017
Katy Perry reveals battle with depression during 96-hour live stream

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Who is your most influential celebrity. Please share your thoughts below
Who is your most influential celebrity. Please share your thoughts below

One thought on “The Role of Social Media in Building Celebrities Brand

  1. Fun post. One day I’ll have to take a closer look at the story behind Katie Perry video. I don’t reveal look too deep on social media for celebrities, however, I loved Leonard Cohen and many things posted on social media. Thanks for the post.

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