K-pop and social media

What is K-pop?

K-pop stands for Korean Pop Music. I listen to Kpop there music videos are 100 times better then western music videos. Most people when they think of K-pop, they think of Gangnam Style by Psy. Which was the first Kpop music video to hit 1 billions views. But there were so many artists and iconic songs before that. Like for example:


Everyone who’s into kpop knows this song. This song was always covered by other kpop groups. This song is by the now duo/group called TVXQ. Even though it may only have 63 millions it is still one of the most iconic and one of the best songs in kpop.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

Super Junior- Sorry Sorry

This is one of the most iconic songs in kpop history by the group Super Junior. It came in 2009 and has 115 millions views.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

Rain- Rainism

Everyone respects Rain. He is one of the best solo artist in the world of kpop. Everytime he perform live at award shows and this song comes on all kpop artists stand up because of how they respect him and dance along to his songs.

Source: Rain’s Official Channel on YouTube

2NE1-내가 제일 잘 나가(I AM THE BEST) 

2NE1 one of the most legendary girl groups in the world. This is not only one of my favorite songs of them but it’s also one of their most popular and most iconic of songs. And it’s actually featured in 2019 KIA Forte car commercial.

Source: 2NE1 on YouTube
Source: Kia Canada

Girl’s Generation- Gee

Girl’s Generation is the definitely one of the greatest girl groups in the world. This is one of the most popular and one of their most iconic songs. One of the catchiest songs ever. Almost every single kpop girl group have done a cover to this song.

Source: SMTOWN on YouTube

BIGBANG- Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang are one of the greatest boy groups in the world. They are considered as the Kings of Kpop. They will be the first boy group to perform at Coachella this year. This song is one of their most iconic song ever the music video is one of the best.

Source: BIGBANG on YouTube


BTS is the worlds biggest boy group at the moment they are the first Kpop group to perform at the AMA’s, the Grammy’s and the Billboard Music Awards. Their songs that made them more known in outside of Korea was DNA. This music video is amazing, the vocals amazing, the rap spectacular, and the dancing fabulous. They just keep getting bigger and better. This music video currently has 922 millions views. This is the song that basically made Kpop more known on the western side.

Source: Big Hit Labels on YouTube

There are so many more iconic songs that I could talk about but then this blog would be too long.

The rise of Kpop

Obviously with YouTube Kpop has been able to seen worldwide. People can look at their live performances that they do at awards and music shows. People can watch them on variety shows and get to know them better. Many groups have either a group Instagram account or have their own account that fans can follow.

Many of them have video diaries that they post on YouTube where they can share what they do on a day to day basis. With the help of social media Kpop has become more known on the western side. Big names are collaborating with Kpop groups. BTS one of the biggest Kpop group have perform at the AMA’s, the Grammy’s and the Billboard Music Awards. The have won 3 Teen Choice, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 3 IHeart Radio Music Awards and many more.

There is not one day where I don’t see something that has to do with Kpop trending on Twitter. Twitter is always the place to go to find he lasted news about Kpop.

If you think about it without social media the people who live on the western side probably would not have known about Kpop. That’s why with the help of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc it makes it easier for Kpop to be spread all over the world.

Do you love Kpop? If so check out these ICONIC songs #KPOP https://algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/k-pop-and-social-media/

Kpop it’s everywhere and it’s gonna keep getting better #KPOP https://algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/k-pop-and-social-media/

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