COM0015 – Blog post #2: Social media strategies; the strong and the weak

Photo by Clark Tibbs from Unsplash

Did you know that marketers with a documented content marketing strategy have been consistently found to be more successful than their peers? According to CMI’s annual Benchmark, Budgets and Trend research this is the case year after year. But how does this tie into the world of social media? Well, today it’s hard to come across a marketing strategy that does not incorporate social media in some way.

Image from Customer Insight Group, Inc.

One company with an excellent social media strategy and presence is Domino’s pizza. With their eyes fixed on dominating the pizza market, Domino’s is continuously innovating with ideas such as Tweet-to-order on Twitter and ‘Dom the Pizza Bot’ for Facebook Messenger. This company which truly understands it’s target audience and the need to connect and listen to them has a well-integrated social approach. Furthermore, the pizza giant is not averse to the odd PR stunt to catch the attention of social media users.

Alongside digital and social ordering, Domino’s pizza is also now notable for an honest and open tone on social media. This win is due to the success of the ‘Pizza Turnaround’ campaign which launched back in 2009. With the intent on winning back customers who were not happy with the quality of pizza on offer, Domino’s released a series of ads and the hashtag #newpizza which set the tone for the brand.

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In contrast, an organization that in my opinion could benefit from a social media strategy is the Ottawa Sport & Social Club (OSSC). While this organization is trying their best to stay relevant on social media platforms, stiff competition from other sport and club organizations for participants is diluting their overall message. The OSSC team will need to look towards new tools and techniques to stand out amongst the crowd.

OSSC may be interested in taking a book from Domino’s book and launch a successful hashtag campaign to put themselves ahead of the rest. Developing a stronger social media strategy will allow the sports and social club to meet objectives such as increasing the size of the club’s audience, engaging future participants, and supporting the delivery of the club’s events.

Have you come across an organization that really stands out due to their social media strategy?

What new innovative tools or techniques have you seen organizations on social media utilize?

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog post #2: Social media strategies; the strong and the weak

  1. Great post! I completely agree that Domino’s does such a good job with social media. Because of their postings and their customer care, it becomes to the reason I order from them.

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