COM0014 ~ Blog#5 Personal Brand

To Build a Personal Brand or To Build a Business Brand, that is our question for today. I honestly struggle with this concept. Over many of our courses, we have had assignments on building our personal brand. I am very clear about who I am and the value that I bring to an organization, but right now, other than in an interview process, my primary role is to communicate on behalf of the business or project I am working on, not to build or define my own identity.

Corporate Branding is easier for me

I believe it is my responsibility to use my natural skills and talents for the organization, not to highlight my value there. Some of my personal specialties that I have been using to build the brand identity of Derand, our family business. are my gift for telling stories, my ability to put a human face to a product- driven business, and my ability to strengthen the community of loyal followers who love cars and car events in our city.

In our social media posts, I am consistently amazed at how much better the posts about people are than those that are more product focused. Recently I posted a short video with one of my sons riding a foldable mobility scooter, and the views were twenty times higher than a similar post speaking about our most popular a truck accessory.

From this week’s course content, I am challenged to tell better stories, of not just how to use our products, but specifically how those products are used to make life better. Showing an authentic representation of who you are, what you do and how you can help others will build a real and meaningful relationship with your customers.

Authenticity is the secret sauce in building a strong brand and a loyal following. For our family business, we have begun to make and share videos that are not staged or perfect. We intentionally give our customers a view of our imperfect staff, store and product experiences to build loyalty and trust to our brand. Be you, both personally and as a business, and don’t be afraid to show different sides and to be real with your clients. As the Oscar Wilde quote in our lesson reminded us…….”Be you, because everyone else is taken.”

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