My pony named Trixie.

Growing up on a farm you learn early in your life the value of binder-twine. Not only was this what held bales of hay and straw together after it’s initial job it could be used to do just about anything – for instance in this picture I have braided it to make a halter and some reins to take my pony for ride.

Reflecting on this photo – some of my best qualities are illustrated -creativity, tenacity and resourcefulness. And if you have ever worked with ponies, you will also know that I must be resilient.

Engaging teams to work through project challenges requires a leader whom welcomes creative approaches and whom can foster creative dialogue. As a project manager I put my resourcefulness to use to work through roadblocks impacting project deliverables.

Continuous learning and reinvention are life habits for me. It is what makes me an asset to my team and my organization. As it turns out large horses require the same amount of resilience as ponies.


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